GameSpy: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 PS2 Review

GameSpy writes: "The Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer franchise has long been a critical darling and a favorite among hardcore soccer fans. Its combination of simulation-focused gameplay and micromanaging franchise mode gave it an edge over FIFA in the hearts of millions worldwide, though it never sold the numbers that FIFA did Stateside. Although it doesn't bring much new to the table -- gameplay-wise, the series seems to have peaked in the past two titles -- Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on PS2 is undoubtedly the best installment of the series for the second year running. And that includes the 360 and PS3 versions.

The PS2 version of PES 2008 doesn't have the glitz and glamour of the HD versions' Teamvision, but it's got perks of its own that give it a far more fulfilling gameplay experience, pretty visuals or not. For starters, Konami has fleshed out the interactivity between the PS2 and handheld versions to the degree that we wanted to see in the past two installments."

-Master League cross-compatible with PSP game
-Much better than 360 and PS3 versions

-Doesn't feel that different from PES 2007, including half-hearted online

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