The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Why It Failed

No, this is not a highly-opinionated article about what features of Skyward Sword were better or worse than any of the other games, nor is it a controversial dissection of the game. No, this is a business and advertising-based examination of why Skyward Sword objectively failed in the general gaming culture sphere. Or, more specifically, what Nintendo did wrong in their numerous attempts to get Skyward Sword back into the spotlight of relevancy. And yes, there were many wrong turns taken in the build-up and hyping of this latest entry in the storied franchise - and some were positively fatal.

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mii-gamer2011d ago

Critically acclaimed and commercially successful = failed. Ok whatever floats your boat

imXify2011d ago

Almost everybody was expecting more than Twilight Princess, but the art style killed the hype.

Realplaya2011d ago

The Art style was fine. Nintendos philosophy is switch it and try to keep it fresh. Everyone cried about the Wind Wakers style direction also and to this day it sets the bar high and the style was quickly manipulated.

imXify2011d ago

Yeah, on my side I had no problem with it.

Neonridr2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

wow, it was a GOTY candidate, received near perfect scores from the majority of publications, but it failed??

I am really starting to question at what point did sane and valid journalism become endangered...

MNGamer-N2011d ago

I thought the game was another masterpiece in the series. Gameplay, music, story and graphics were all A+. Even if it was not your favorite Zelda, it certainly was not a failure by any means.

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