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Call of Duty: Ghosts Next Gen Graphics Demonstration - Xbox One, PS4

A video has popped up demonstrating the new graphical abilities in Call of Duty Ghosts for the Xbox One and PS4. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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Pandamobile  +   851d ago | Well said
Well, it only took the Call of Duty series four years to catch up to the rest of the rest of the gaming world. The only remotely new feature they've added is their Sub-D stuff. Everything else has been around for almost half a decade and they're hyping it up like it's a ground breaking feature.

I actually chuckled when he started talking about their HDR implementation. "Woah, check it out. We've got this amazing new feature that simulates how your eyes adapt to different lighting conditions". I'm pretty sure HDR has been in most games since Half-Life 2: Episode 1 (2006). Not to mention it's one of the easiest full-screen shader effects to implement into a game.

Come on, Infinity Ward. Step your game up.
US8F  +   851d ago
It's hard. Who doesn't want to spend the least amount of money for maximum gain? They figured as long as we release anything with call of duty tag, it would make a billion in profits. heck even the same game without anything touched but they just give it a new word at the end of the name would sell like hotcakes.
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LeRise  +   851d ago
This is freaking hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Sorry for another language.
ShadowIX  +   850d ago
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GuyThatPlaysGames  +   851d ago
It's a new feature for the series! not for gaming itself. Haters gonna hate. Everyone will be rushing out to buy this game no matter how much crap they say about it.
jwatt  +   851d ago
yeah but that's how you start to kill your franchise because I've always been a cod fan but after BF3 my hypes started to head in a different direction. Now I'm more excited for BF4!
quenomamen  +   851d ago
Some of us are older than 14, and have these things called self control and freedom of choice and will use these things to say eff Call It Doodie.
Jnewday2k13  +   851d ago
Im seriously sick and tired of this shit. Everytime somebody tells the truth and exposes COD for the non innovating pos that it is people are hating. Why would we hate. There are tons better quality games out there that are leaps beyond COD. Stop it. Were not gonna be the ones buying it. Its just gonna be you CODturds and 10-13 year olds buying that pos
sevilha82  +   851d ago
Not me...To busy playing new Ip´s and much better games.Oh and this from a harcore ex cod fan.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   851d ago
So I'm 25 but that's not older than 14? Get a life. Everyone just jumps on the "it's cool to talk shit about CoD" train. In the end, no matter how good or realistic Battlefield looks, it will never EVER outsell CoD and that's a proven fact so far! Fight that.
GeisT  +   851d ago
It's more about the 60FPS standard than making things as shiny as possible. BF looks great, but the slowdown on consoles is super lame.
NYC_Gamer  +   851d ago
I'm sure Activision could invest some funds from those billions made from COD into building a real next gen engine
Blakhaze999  +   851d ago
Agreed! BF with 60 fps on consoles would be hot. After playing COD for so many years ive become a real fan of the controls. Its smooth and precise in my opinion and i think 60fps has a lot to do with it. I tried to get into BF which i think always looks amazing, but I prefer the smooth gameplay. Like Killzone2 and 3. I loved those games (story and graphics). But the heavy controls made it less enjoyable to me. Im a graphics fiend but I dont want better graphics at the expense of gameplay. Actually I want both... great graphics and great gameplay. I thought thats what the next gen was all about.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   851d ago
I thought the same thing. One thing I did notice is that I bought a Panasonic 60" Smart TV and it increases the framerate of whats on the screen. Now my BF3 runs smoother than I ever thought it would.
paranoid1971  +   851d ago
bf4 just announced 690 fps on consoles.
liorishot  +   851d ago
Dice will make this game look like 2006 when battlefield 4 multiplayer is shown
Jnewday2k13  +   851d ago
they already did lol
bganci  +   851d ago
60 Frames Per Second is the Focus. I'm no game designer but its extremely early in this Generations cycle(duh lol) Killzone looks great 1080p but running in 30 frames. CoD As always been known for 60 FPS.
liorishot  +   851d ago
I play at a 120 frame per second on my pc for bf3
badz149  +   851d ago

and they actually boasting like it's something groundbreaking! WTF?

it's still not confirmed what res the game will be on next gen consoles, right? so...it's safe to say 720p? at least this time around?
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pedrof93  +   851d ago
I dont know but, it seems mediocre graphics to me :s
bullymangLer  +   851d ago
Bennibop  +   851d ago
This confirms it Battlefield 4 for me I thinks! Better graphics, vehicle warfare and does this with 64 players in game. Why would you wast your money on COD until they innovate again like they did in COD4 MW.
Arietos  +   851d ago
"The PS4 sees Sony move to a 64-bit x86 chip architecture, which will be music to the ears of developers, especially those used to working on PC games. The good news doesn’t stop there, though. Developers will be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s latest industry standard DirectX API — DirectX 11.1, but Sony has taken the time to improve upon it, pushing the feature set beyond what is available for PC games development."
jwatt  +   851d ago
Where is this quote?
TheGrimReaper  +   851d ago
He is quoting himself -.-"

DirectX and PlayStation...
He has no idea what he is talking about
NYC_Gamer  +   851d ago
They don't even care about the quality of COD games
merciless  +   851d ago
Oh wow look! It's the same studio putting the same S*** in a different game.


: (
sway_z  +   851d ago
I have to be honest...compared to what current gen consoles are capable of, this game looks great....

But, it's still another COD all over again, devoid of creativity. I am more excited for BF games, which some will say has not moved on much either.

However, I always felt engaged playing BF online. A more realistic simulation of conflict, that requires thought, team work, and communication.

COD is more of a 'Rambo' type game for me, which is awesome fun in small bursts....but if you want a more thoughtful FPS, BF series is where it's at...

But hey, that's just my opinion ;/
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talocaca  +   851d ago
I expect more from Next Gen, specially less generic....hopefully Battlefield will deliver. So far I like the new direction of killzone the most.
GentlemenRUs  +   851d ago
I got to admit here though, HL2:EP2's bumped rockface looks better then this.

And That's 5-6 years old!

They need to turn down the cartoonish/MW1 textures and start focusing on something which looks a little better..
Der_Kommandant  +   851d ago
(Dr. Evil ) "Next Gen"
vikingland1  +   851d ago
I don't play Call Of Duty but I thought the video was mighty Purdy. If those are indeed console graphics.
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PcMrace   851d ago | Spam
danieldeath  +   851d ago
I wonder if you can finally see your legs
PersonMan  +   851d ago
Or see your arms when you climb a ladder.
Wizziokid  +   851d ago
Sure it's an improvement but I'm still not blown away like I was with the KZ:SF demo, sorry.
Arietos  +   851d ago
Here is the site with the quotation, see and believe:

ninjagoat  +   851d ago
Lets just pretend Killzone 4 hasn't got Raytracing in it ;).
ape007  +   851d ago
great improvement and with smooth 60 fps, it looks great overall, sorry kz fans , the king is here, gameplay is the KEY people, get ready to see GHOSTS dominating most played and most selling charts while u come here and cry about it and act more immature than the kids playing it, OWENAGE :D
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venom06  +   851d ago
oh wow... THEY CAN MAKE ROUND ROCKS!! WHOO-HOO... next-gen at its finest..
CPTN MITCHELL  +   851d ago
Lame a$$ studio they need to b fired
ape007  +   851d ago
yeah i agree dumb studio, they need to be fired for breaking the biggest entertainment launch of all time record twice, yeah LOL
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sashimi  +   851d ago
They are just making themselves look stupid..
NeXXXuS  +   851d ago
"Our new engine..."

lol nope. just upgraded.

edit: thanks for the disagree. have some facts.
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PANTHER1030  +   851d ago
Uncharted 1 looks much better..... :(
ginsunuva  +   851d ago
Don't forget they also reinvented tesselation, from the original reveal vid

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