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Skyrim was one of the highest rated games of 2011 and made many top ten and game of the year lists. The game has won numerous awards and is held in high esteem by critics and fans alike. Now, Skyrim is being rereleased and has been bundled with all of its DLC expansions, most of which have never appeared before on the PS3 until now. Is this self-proclaimed “legendary” edition worth the purchase? Find out in our review! This review covers the Legendary Edition as a whole and is not a review of the game Skyrim or the DLC expansions themselves.

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jagiii2015d ago

Seems a bit late to be re-releasing this game, especially with Elder Scrolls Online.

Dr Pepper2015d ago

It'll be good for those who don't have a great connection to play through the DLC (or those that just want a complete package sitting on their shelf).

Also, the Elder Scrolls Online isn't going to really be what Elder Scroll fans are used to with the franchise (or really, in some regards, even containing the design elements that makes many of them fans to begin with).

So, with those two things being said, the market this Legendary Edition is going for isn't exactly the same as the one being targeted by ESO (although the company is obviously hoping for an overlap between TES fans and MMO fans, as they stated in one of their videos).

Tr10wn2015d ago

is something beth do, is an option for those people who didnt get the game on launch.

snipab8t2015d ago

Honestly I felt that Skyrim's DLC was not a necessity as was Fallout 3's. The game was that large and the DLC was relatively mediocre that it felt tacked on.

Honest_gamer2015d ago

will get this once it drops in price i think, mainly to get the trophies doesnt look right having a plat but not 100%.....#trophyWhore and it would be cheaper buying this version than the dlc individually

WarThunder2015d ago

Skyrim was a overrated game imo...

XxWalksOfShamexX2015d ago

The problem with skyrim, was the fact it got over hyped to the point where people expected it to be perfect. When you raise your expectations too high, it ends up hurting the game.

mydyingparadiselost2014d ago

Yea I agree as well but I can say my experience was VERY bug riddled (ps3) and that has been what defined my experience with Skyrim. I may have enjoyed it alot more without the problems and the god awful load times.

DDDGirlGamer852015d ago

PS3 only! Awww well I bought it on the xbox already

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