Fable 3 for Free - Is it a Glitch or a Tease?

Fable 3 has become free on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This may be many of multiple things. This could be a glitch in the system, considering the same thing happened a few years back with Fable 2. This could also be Microsoft’s way of pushing back at Sony giving PlayStation Plus members a whole truckload of free AAA games, but this could also be a sign… a sign that maybe, just maybe, Microsoft is going to be announcing Fable 4 tomorrow for the Xbox One.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141953d ago

Watch them count it as sales and brag out it.

Muffins12231953d ago

Ha that would make my day...i downloaded it though a hour ago.

Blackdeath_6631953d ago

no its because so many people cancelled their xbox live subscription recently many were even prevented from doing so and had to call microsoft multiple time just to cancel it.

mega311953d ago

You do not know that many people canceled subscription, there are 48 million xbox live subscribers if they wanted to make a game free because of that they have to lose millions and millions of customers, so highly doubtful

despair1953d ago

Well either way its a nice bonus for Xbox Live (gold) users.

Thatlalala1953d ago

All users can download this.

despair1953d ago

I Thought it showed full price for silver members?

IcicleTrepan1953d ago

I have heard that when Fable 3 was announced, they did the same with Fable 2. So I imagine it's related to E3/Fable Anniversary.

Thatlalala1953d ago

ehhh... With Fable 2, they broke down into 5 chapters... like 10 bucks a chapter or something, dont really remember, but the first chapter was free. That was it.