Daylight E3 Trailer

Here is the Daylight E3 2013 trailer.

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ShugaCane1930d ago

That was a really crappy way to end the trailer lol

minimur121930d ago

maybe its their clue that itll be coming to mobiles ^.^

JohnApocalypse1930d ago

I'm guessing the price will be cheap though

jdaboss1930d ago

Atlus makes shitty games. pass

Zichu1930d ago

They're publishing it. Zombie Studios are the developers.

Anyway, would like to see what this game is about. Trailer was pretty crap.

first1NFANTRY1930d ago

out of all the direction they could have went this is what they chose? way to not impress.

After the many sub par multiplat games that where released this gen, i hope devs bring their A game cause the competition is gonna be fierce this time around.

Their gonna have to wow to get my money. I don't even wanna see a single frame rate drop or it's a no buy. the technology is there now so we'll finally see the competent and incompetent.

Studio-YaMi1930d ago

Are you people really complaining about a 1 minute trailer that's only showing a couple of level designs and a flying doll ?

Relax lol !

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