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Submitted by syanara 902d ago | videocast

E3 2013 Countdown: DRM and Sony

PlayStation Euphoria writes: "Today we discuss what the possibilities are regarding Sony and what their position will be on used game DRM. We discuss things from constant internet connection to the #PS4noDRM movement on twitter." (E3, PS4, Xbox One)

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MooseWI  +   902d ago
I really hope that Sony decides to take the high road here.. Microsoft though..

Private video btw.
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Virtual_Reality  +   902d ago
Probably Sony will introduce DRM, but in a less invasive way and way more flexible. At least that is what I think because they stated PS4 can play games offline without being connected at all, is just up to the Publishers to add it or not.
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GeisT  +   902d ago
If Playstation doesn't follow suit then they will lose a few publishers who are tired of their products being stolen, traded, and their profits being cut into. DRM is the future ladies and gents, sorry internet cheapskates.
brodychet  +   902d ago
Extremely far off topic; I love a redhead with an understanding of the gaming world. XD

On topic: ...DRM confusions should be solved in a much better way (in favor of gamers).
Foxhound922  +   902d ago
That's ironic, considering your avatar is cartman! GINGERVITUS! Haha but anyways I agree. I hope Sony does this right. Drm can kiss my ass.
dedicatedtogamers  +   902d ago
The most important puzzle piece is that Microsoft - not third parties - is the one who created and pushed forward the Xbox One's DRM. Not only is this totally in line with how Microsoft operates (Vista checks, GFWL, XBL Gold, etc) but it has been leaked by several sources that Microsoft - not EA or Ubisoft - was the one to bring this idea to 3rd parties and they just went along with it.

The entire foundation for the fear of "will Sony do this too?" was the (unproven) assumption that it was third parties pushing this DRM. Now that we know it was Microsoft, the likelihood of Sony doing DRM anywhere close to this is minimal.
ramiuk1  +   902d ago
u not got a link to the article about it was MS pushing it have you,must of totally missed it .
cheers dude
GribbleGrunger  +   902d ago
It has now been established that it was actually MS who wanted DRM and approached EA and Activision, who agreed. This gives developers less leverage in forcing Sony to do the same, which is very good news.
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rainslacker  +   902d ago
If indeed true what you say based on that link you provided in another article:

It seems to me that if any DRM like MS has is done on the PS4, it will be entirely up to the publisher. The publisher will have to code and provide the means to actually facilitate those functions within their own product, say like EA makes a game and somehow makes Origin a requirement for registering it(just an example).

The fact that you can go offline completely and indefinitely, and the fact Sony has gone on record saying the NFC disc technology wasn't for the PS4, leads me to believe it wouldn't be commonplace on the PS4. Any game utilizing such measures would receive backlash from the community, and publishers may not be willing to take the hit. This means they probably won't implement such strong measures on the X1 as well because it could affect sales on that system, however, MS apparently has other things in place which the publisher is likely to have to adhere to in order to publish on the system.
TheLyonKing  +   902d ago
Can someone be my bestfriend and tell me (U.K time) when:

1. Sony Press confrence is
2. MS Press confrence
3. Nintendo Direct
WolfOfDarkness  +   902d ago
It's actually not going to be like Xbox One DRM , With PS4 you can play games offline , sell and buy used games , plus you will be able to rent also , this will be the Talk of the show and it's Sonys to fight back against Microsoft DRM . Microsoft will be hurt very bad today .
MooseWI  +   902d ago
Is there 100% proof to that yet? From what I have seen, it's all been speculation, and Sony has been pretty quiet.
a_bro  +   902d ago | Intelligent
“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
― Napoleon Bonaparte
Krosis  +   902d ago
Sony has quite strategically remained quite on this topic. Your thoughts are bias conjecture at best. If you think Sony is a benevolent loving company that cares not for cash and avarice than you're sadly mistaken. These companies only care about money--DRM pays.

All im saying is have an ounce of skepticism.
Rusty515  +   902d ago
@a_bro: that actually makes a lot of sense. This is speculation too, but what if Sony never had anything to do with DRM/Used games to begin with? Maybe they're just keeping quiet cause if they say that they're not going through with these restrictions, it'll give Microsoft time to change their policies.
jc48573  +   902d ago
ah....nice move.
MysticStrummer  +   902d ago
I can't believe Sony would be dumb enough to follow Microsoft in this, especially after :

The backlash would be incredible anyway, even without them making this joking reference to DRM.
Williamson  +   902d ago
I know EA, ubisoft, and Activision are probally pushing for DRM and used games since they are evil sons of bit****, but I rather not have any games from them if it means having stupid restrictions on us.
UNGR  +   902d ago
Unfortunately it's a double edged sword. If they don't have DRM, a lot of DRM supporting developers will make games for the X1 and PC exclusively. Where as if they do have DRM then it's just going to make fans mad. I really hope I'm wrong, but this just seems like the next step, unfortunately.
ramiuk1   902d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
ufo8mycat  +   902d ago
To be honest if these DRM supportive developers make games exclusive to XB1 and PC, they would lose slot more sales/profit from not releasing on PS4, then they would from used games etc.

They may not be happy with usaed games, but they will lose a heck of a lot more money if they don't release on PS4. Can't really survive on XB1 sales alone and we all know the PC sales don't make a difference considering how poorly game sales are on that platform.
UNGR  +   902d ago
Boycott all you want, gamers are weak. I've never in my 25+ years of gaming have I seen one successful boycott, nothing substantial anyways. If games go to the X1 exclusively the sheep will follow, and we have a lot of sheep in the gaming community.
WolfOfDarkness  +   902d ago
Game Developers are so Stupid , and I will tell you why , With all respect to the most of the polishers " Game developers " If they Push Sony to use DRM in there Console that mean the sales of the Video Games will drop tremendously and I am sure the will regret it after a year from now , Both systems " Xbox one and PS4 will have a huge sales no question about that BUT , the sales of the Games will Drop and I will never ever be like before ( Xbox 360 and pS3 ) , as we all know , Sony is losing money in each PS4 console will be sold even Microsoft the same with Xbox One ! There goal ( Sony , Microsoft ) is to get profit from selling the games , and that will be VERY difficult to accomplish in few year specially with there DRM restrictions , Most of the gamers ALL around the world will plan to buy a game and will also will plan so sell it when they are done playing with it , and that's not possible with Xbox One which mean the gamer will not buy more games like before ... Lets just hope Sony will ban this Stupid DRM on there console PS4 .
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leogets  +   902d ago
I don't understand why ms are blocking used games. they've had their money for that sale what difference does it make if Joe bloggs buys it after. greedy f*****g a holes
Supermax  +   902d ago
You won't hear anything from sony regarding drm until right before ps4 goes on sale
Solo227  +   902d ago
All of it is a sham anyway...

Big name publishers make billions in PROFITS... Piracy isnt even that big of a problem.

AAA titles pretty much always sell over 1 million and If it doesnt sell well that means the market doesnt want it and nobody is copying it.

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