Activision to Make Destiny “the Biggest New IP Launch in History”: Why Sony Was Smart to Back Bungie

Halo defined the Xbox. The game was instrumental in ensuring the system’s successful launch, and forever tied the Xbox to the shooter genre, which was particularly advantageous when Call of Duty became the biggest franchise of the generation. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2016d ago

If Sony really does learn to advertise, this could be big for them.

doctorstrange2016d ago

The great thing for Sony is that Acti does the advertising, they just need to pay to stick the PS4 logo at the end. And Acti knows how to advertise.

abzdine2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

...and gamers are smart and they should back Sony as well!
MS are backing a dying franchise (COD), Sony are backing a fresh new IP.

Greatness awaits

Enemy2016d ago

Can't wait to see Bungie demonstrate Destiny at Sony's conference tomorrow.

shoddy2016d ago

Sony have a better plan this generation.

SonyPS42016d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games in a long time. This and Knack are going to be my early PS4 titles.

TheFurryPanda2016d ago

tell that to singularity...

Divine2016d ago

E4 will be amazing i just cant wait to see

dcbronco2016d ago

And suddenly Bungie is a great developer. When they were part of Microsoft Sony fans thought they were nothing special. Now they will do an amazing game because Sony will get timed exclusive content.

ThanatosDMC2016d ago

I'm loving the idea of open-world shoot everything that's a monster alien. Hopefully, clanning/partying up is easy and hopefully they have proxy chat and not just the normal group chat. I want to hear other people's conversation in the background just to make the world more alive.

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Kalowest2016d ago ShowReplies(22)
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2016d ago

sony doesn't need to learn the marketing firm makes the ads. The new team used to make google chrome, halo and gears ads.

dj3boud2016d ago

And Activision will ruin it with microtransactions/dlc/paid services.. Hope not

Tr10wn2016d ago

Yup MS is so stupid by not supporting bungie first, oh well thats what happen when you are interested in TV instead of gaming. Bungie is one of my favorites developers, i hope it all goes well for Destiny.

Belking2016d ago

Dude, MS still owns a stake in Bungie so what do you mean they aern't supporting Bungie first? They are advertising for the PS4 because they will need it. The majority of their fan base is still on the xbox and they already have that audience.

TheSurg2016d ago

I think some people forget Destiny is multiplatform.

Software_Lover2016d ago

I'm like, WTF are you morons talking about? Its multiplatform. Plus, Bungie sucked when they only worked for Microsoft.

People change their minds I guess

kelixaleir2016d ago

MFW people realise it's not ps4 exclusive

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dedicatedtogamers2016d ago

Everyone knows Bungie, so this game has the opportunity to sell big-time across ALL platforms. However, I imagine Sony wants to make Destiny their own version of Call of Duty in the sense that they get exclusive stuff but it still sells a ton across all platforms.

(because CoD, despite being called a 360 game, still sells 10-12 million on PS3 each year compared to 12-15 million on 360, so it's not like PS3 owners completely ignore CoD).

Foolsjoker2016d ago

Yeah, but it is up to Sony to sell the game on their system. No one is stopping MS from pumping out Destiny commercials too, even if they don't have the exclusive content.

TopDudeMan2016d ago

Actually, it's the publisher's decision to stick the word "xbox" or "Playstation" at the end of their commercials. There's plenty to stop microsoft or sony from advertising a third party studio's game.

That's why all those call of duty adverts used to have "buy it on 360" at the end. Microsoft paid them royalties to do it. It's not microsoft's commercial, it's activision's.

cunnilumpkin2016d ago

ummmm dude, call of duty sells WAY better on 360, the best selling call of duty (black ops) only sold 3.3 million on ps3

it sold 12 million on 360

no ps3 game has EVER sold 12 million has it??

raytraceme2016d ago

With that link you're telling me that the game sold a big fat zero in europe ◔_◔

I usually don't use vgc but in this case it would be most accurate

The difference between xb and ps sales on cod is usually 2 million.

RonRico2016d ago

Thanks for the link raytrace.
Uhg. The worst game in the series was the highest selling. That's crazy.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx2016d ago

Modernwarfare 3 on ps3 sold 12.47million, so get your facts right boy. Tbh I do t even know why I replied I hate cod

Jnewday2k132016d ago

Nobody but you CODturds care about COD. Get outta here with that trash. All I ever hear from you guys is Call Of Duty sells a durp a durp. who gives a shit

TotalHitman2016d ago

@raytraceme, thanks for the link. I can't believe the best COD in the series (COD4) has sold half compared to recent versions. Amazing how half of the COD fan base has never played the true great that is COD4. Absolutely amazing.

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whoyouwit042016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Well Sony get to advertise this as a exclusive even if it isn't. However Microsoft gets to advertise Titan Fall as a Xbox exclusive and it is. Also there are Also rumors of mirror edge 2 and Fall Out 4 also being exclusive to Xbox platforms.

doctorstrange2016d ago

Hmm, I just can't see Mirror's Edge 2 being an exclusive to any platform. The whole reason we haven't seen 2 yet is because the first one didn't sell enough, and halving the market isn't going to help.

Foolsjoker2016d ago

Exclusives are dead from third party developers.

2016d ago
Godchild10202016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Titan Fall is also coming to PC and Xbox 360, giving little reason to purchase purchase the X1, with a chance of it coming to the PS3/4 at a later date. But Fallout 4 on the next hand is.

@below, That's just it; With games also coming to PC, there is little reason to go and get a platform for a game that you can play on your current unit. Unless you dont have a Gaming PC.

My point that I'm getting at, there really are many people going to rush and get a game like Titan Fall on the X1, if they already have a 360 or a gaming PC. But there is more of a chance for someone to pick up a PS4 for Killzone or Infamous, since it's not coming to the PS3 and we don't know how Gaikia is going to work as of yet or when PS4 games will be available on PC through Gaikia. Whether it's the same day the PS4 game releases or later.

whoyouwit042016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

And a lot of Sony games are coming to PC via Gaikia, so whats your point.

whoyouwit042016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

"But there is more of a chance for someone to pick up a PS4 for Killzone or Infamous, since it's not coming to the PS3"

Well if that's the case, there is more of a chance of someone picking up xbox one for Ryse, Quantum break and Forza 5 Since they wont be on 360 or PC.

TheSurg2016d ago

Most of ps4 exclusives are coming to PC, same story with xbox so shush. Take off that fanboy glasses.

Rusty5152016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

@Foolsjoker: Quantic Dream says hi

SoapShoes2016d ago

They're second party, not third...

Sideras2016d ago

I can see Mirrors Edge 2 as an exclusive considering how much EA and Microsoft have been tickling each others private parts lately, forced DRM and what not (EA loves that stuff). But Fallout 4? Naaah, well sure, Bethesda are sloppy but come on, this time around there are no excuses.

aceitman2016d ago

yeah whoyouwit04 that's where ms put 1 billion dollars into next gen they pay for exclusive games from 3rd party no strings attached and ms doesn't have to buy anymore 1st party business move , but not good for gamers when they would be stuck with the xbox one features.

whoyouwit042016d ago

Dude, Microsoft have 15 Exclusive coming from their first party studios alone, and even more at GDC and TGS. Yet they also have 3rd party exclusives and you think it cost them a billion bucks get the [email protected] out here. I am so sick and tied of you sony fans saying Microsoft is paying for exclusive as if they are the only ones. their are rumors that the next final fantasy is exclusive to PS4; So you think sony didn't pay for it. Microsoft has over 23 studios with most being multiple teams. That's were their billion dollars are going compared to Sony's 500 million and 14 studios. Lastly, you do know that microsoft has a studio in both america and Europe created just for getting 3rd party exclusive right?

Microsoft Studios – Redmond Publishing – Overseeing and co-developing multiple projects in conjunction with third party development studios based in the Americas and Canada

Microsoft Studios – EMEA Publishing – Overseeing and co-developing multiple projects in conjunction with third party development studios based in Europe, Middle East and Asia regions

SoapShoes2016d ago

^They never said those 15 games were all from their first party studios...

nunley332016d ago

@whoyouwit04 Square putting FF exclusive for PS4 makes good business sense for them for several reasons but a cash payoff isn't one of them. First off the 360 is nonexistent in japan and same will probably be true for XBONE. They already tried putting FF13, 13-2, and soon 13-3 on 360 to unremarkable success, the PS3 version was superior and sold alot better. With it just on Playstation, the game can be made to its original vision without the sacrifices that would need to be made if it was also an xbox title.

Virtual_Reality2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

''Titan Fall as a Xbox exclusive and it is. ''

No, is a multiplatform. PC will have it.

''And a lot of Sony games are coming to PC via Gaikia''

No, Gaikai service is exclusive for the PlayStation brand, Sony bought it, for PS4.

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LoveForGames2016d ago

It's worth backing up a company that did one of the best console fps! I hope this will be a familiar hit like Halo.

AO1JMM2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Destiny will be beast on PS4, but I do not see it breaking out amongst all the other games.

AO1JMM2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I hope it does good but I think it will get lost in the shuffle so to speak.

I hope Bungie blows my mind at E3 though.