E3 2013 Predictions: Nintendo's Direct

The GP staff reveal their predictions for Nintendo's announcements in their next E3-focused Direct video.

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gamer422016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

"Eric Kozlowsky, formerly of Naughty Dog has said about Retro's new project that "if all goes well it might just be one of my crowning achievements as an artist.""

Tuesday won't come fast enough...

EDIT: good article by the way.

MegaLagann2016d ago

With the amount of people Retro has been hiring lately, I might shed a tear when we see that game Tuesday.

R00bot2016d ago

Their Facebook page is just full of advertisements for jobs. I can't wait to see it!

ZeekQuattro2016d ago

I actually hope they are working on multiple games with all the help they are getting but one great game with suffice as well. I do remember an old rumor that they were making their own game engine so that might explain all the hiring too.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2016d ago

Thanks, I have been looking for that quote all over the place.
"Helpful" Bubble Up.

I remember that-
-this is one reason I never thought that the game would be Star Fox/ Lylat Wars.
A shooter on-rails and in space usually does not take that much power
and would not allow that much artistic creativity (not like an Alien or Fantasy World).

But Like I, MegaLagann, and many others believe... I think Retro has multiple titles.

yugovega2016d ago

unless they made the mix of star fox adventures with good space combat.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

@yugovega "Interesting"

Good point-

But they also said that they were making something that "everybody wants" them to make.

I think that the Land Based Star Fox games are very controversial. Some people like them and others don't.

So, I guess it depends on what they mean.

SFAdv was an OK game in the amount that I played.
It took a while to get use to the sticks.

-But it was impressive.

If Miyamoto was serious about RETRO taking over Zelda (someday) SFAdv would be a great starting spot.

kirbyu2016d ago

I.............can't....... .......wait.

mcstorm2016d ago

I agree I am expecting big things form Nintendo as now the console has been out for a few months it has a back cat of some decent 3rd party games and by Nintendo Adding some of there big name games Like Mario Kart, Zelda and maybe even a F-Zero it will help the WiiU sales pickup the latter half of the year.

MegaLagann2016d ago

Pretty much what i'm expecting. More details on games we already know, release dates and release windows. I expect probably one new first party title, that being Retro's game. I also agree that we'll see more third party exclusives and partnerships. Call it a hunch, but I think Atlus has another Wii U game in the works, and since this Direct is broadcast worldwide we could see it Tuesday. I also expect Sega to have more games for Wii U that aren't Sonic, though we may not see the at E3. As for new Partnerships? My guess would be either Capcom or Square. This is Nintendo's time to let all their cards on the table and I hope they do so.

Shinobi1002016d ago

Hopefully the 3DS gets dealt a hand as well

_QQ_2016d ago

10minutes 3ds,40minutes wiiu,10 minutes boring stuff and intro. sounds a like realistic but perfect combination. :D

MegaLagann2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

@Shinobi100 @lopez_josue

They already said the Direct on the 11th is Wii U only. My guess is they'll have a separate 3DS Direct the next day like they did last year. And, just a hunch, they will probably have another Direct detailing the Summer update, Miiverse and other hardware stuff.

EDIT: And just think back for a second. The January and April Directs where they announced game after game dropping megatons, those were only 30 minutes and focused on Wii U and or 3DS and Miiverse among other stuff. This Direct on Tuesday is an hour long is all about Wii U games. The hype train has no brakes.

_QQ_2016d ago

@ your second comment, i actually went back to see how long they spent talking about games in the january direct, and the first 15 minutes they spent on miiverse and the next 15 on games, they made like 5 significant new announcements and talked about at least 7 games, now multiply that by 3, assuming they have around a 10 minute intro.

Shinobi1002016d ago

They've never once said that the E3 Nintendo Direct is Wii U only. We already know this for 100% certainty b/c they're unveiling the Wii U & 3DS versions of Smash Bros. 4

MegaLagann2016d ago


Notice how it says focus on Wii U games. If this Direct has 3DS in it they would of said so. Not surprising, they did this last year too. Plus the 3DS is fine, Wii U is the system Nintendo needs to focus on.

kirbyu2016d ago

I hope they announce Super Mario 64 HD.

LOL_WUT2016d ago

Now that would be nice ;)

MrSwankSinatra2016d ago

i really hope they announce a new star fox.

Kevlar0092016d ago

I hope they go with a more serious image. SF for SNES was so cold and badass, every game since has been a bit on the goofy side (even the character models have been cartoony). Less Brawl Fox and more Melee Fox in the art department. Go for that Teen rating, bring back the amputed legs replaced by metal legs.

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