The Return of this game will make me Consider a Xbox One

GR | Agheil F: I will consider an Xbox One if this game returns to its former glory and in trilogy form.

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ironwolf1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

That one was fun. I don't normally play that type of game but I really enjoyed Conker.

NatureOfLogic1987d ago

No game is worth my rights as a consumer.

jc485731987d ago

when are fans going to wake up.

Doctoglethorpe1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Agreed. I've come to decision I don't really care what games they make, I don't want that.. thing.. in my home.

I love Halo, Gears, and I loved Conker, I'm sure there will be other games I'd enjoy, but I'm not willing to use an X1 to play them. Its over.

gamer421987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Your beliefs or video games....
This shouldn't be a very difficult choice
But for some, sadly, it seems like it is...

TruthbeTold1987d ago

Yeah, I read 'This game will make me reconsider a Xbox One'

But what it means to me is, 'I'll sell out my principles if I can get a certain game.'

What the hell is this world coming to?

teknx1987d ago

What if the consumer rights came as DLC?

TruthbeTold1987d ago

lol, Looks like MS has their paid, 'anti-say anything against our dirty plans' crowd going even here on N4G..

Insomnia_841987d ago

I told two of my friends Killer Instinct would made me buy the Xbox....then came the details about the system and all hope went to hell.

No game is worth it now.

aceitman1987d ago

I am a tech guy and get all the systems home and hand held I will not buy xbox one period.

abzdine1987d ago

exactly, i think it's sad to have a website and still be a blind fanboy.
you wanna be spied on and pay fees all the time, you just do that.

Garbanjo0011987d ago

I agree with your point, however... the game I really want to see is Killer Instinct, and if they release it... I'm not going to buy an Xbox. I'm just going to play it on someone's xbox with my "guest account" because I'm not buying the "One." Waited for that game forever, and MS screwed it up by buying RARE at the top of their game.

Darrius Cole1987d ago

Indeed there is no way that I am buying an Xbone while it is still in its current state.

shoddy1987d ago

Halo Gear and Xlive worth it for the sheep.

abzdine1987d ago


actually not sure Gears is MS exclusive anymore since MS dont own the license. Megaton incoming at Sony's conference later today?

MajorLazer1987d ago

PGR5 would only make me consider getting One a few years down the line, used.

Perjoss1987d ago

I'm in the same boat, I have a massive games collection on my 360, I never trade in or buy 2nd hand games, I'm always online and none of the restrictions really affect me but its a principle thing, they are just being too restrictive and trying to take too much control over ownership.

Console itself seems pretty good, and the controller looks awesome, but they need to go back to the drawing board regarding policies.

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1987d ago
LackTrue4K1987d ago

for me, Project Gotham, and Gears of War....
and even that is a stretch!!!

BDSE1987d ago

Nothing less than a complete redesign of the entire system will make me rethink purchasing this complete dogs dinner of a console.

BABYLEG1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

007 Goldeneye, Conker, Killer Instinct, Banjo.

I'll like to add Kinect sports to that list too.

I'm excited for E3. There will only be one. And lol at the time of sonys conference. They're lucky everyone's sleeping by then. They have to show it working, price it, and give us a release date. I bet there's not a fully functioning ps4 yet and they wont show the console tomorrow out of fear of backlash.

Zhipp1987d ago

6PM(8PM where I live) is the perfect time for me. Actually, Sony's conference is probably the only one I'll be able to watch live.

xHeavYx1987d ago

I'm sure the kinect games and the fact that MS won't answer media questions is what will make people fall asleep. Nice try though

Garbanjo0011987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Are you high man? You just lashed out against PS4 not having their shit together and once again MS rushed a console to market without gaging the response of gamers, released a gaming console without games, fished for dollars based on fantasy NBA . . . now they are reporting heating issues, a console that isn't even as great of a console as PS4, one that costs an arm and a leg, burdens the rights of gamers worldwide and you think that what you said would get a good response? MS didn't show me a damn thing besides which console I'll be buying and it's PS4 just after I drop my 360 from a 17 story building. PS4 has the specs, and the games. They have awesome IP's coming to market and exclusives.

Seriously, the games you listed are good games (minus kinect sports), but your opinion sucks, that's why you've had 31 dislikes at the time of me replying this in the past 2 hours. Wow.

If they released my all time favorite Nintendo game on XBO I might reconsider, but even then it's a long shot cause no one gives a shit about that game anymore. It's called The Guardian Legend.

Biohazard88601987d ago

A new Conker would be so tempting!! But i will not be getting a Xbox one do to microsofts BS.

Felonycarclub81987d ago

I would love to see killer instinct but I still wouldn't get an Xbox specially since you can't play off line and I ain't paying just to play online

Biohazard88601987d ago

I agree a new KI would be amazing dam i wished nintendo still owned rare.

Felonycarclub81987d ago

You are telling me I wish that at least Sony would have bought rare we would have probably had like 2 killer instincts by now, I miss the days when Nintendo used to care about every type of gamer at least now they are making an effort

yesmynameissumo1987d ago

It could come out with KI, Conker and free blowjobs, I'd pass. After I returned it.

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