What we expect from the Battlefield 4 Event at E3

EA/DICE, like they did 2 years ago, is about to kick off a huge Battlefield event at E3, starting tomorrow, June 10th at 1pm PST. During this event, we will see an official Multiplayer demo, where DICE...

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typographyloving2012d ago

Even though this follows the same pattern as for bf3, I think DICE will do something very similarly to that.

alexmac2012d ago

DICE has looked pretty repetitive of how they are releasing things. So far, the BF3 and BF4 revealing have looked quite similare timeline-wise.

littlemac2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Tomorrow will be an amazing day! ^_^

FAT MAN GO BOOM2012d ago

Not to worry after the launch of Battlefield 4 on the PC, One month of playing and having fun and it is doing almost perfect as a FPS they will come in and updated it and destroy the game...

by touching every little thing and wreck it completely... Destroying any balance it did have, making vehicles angles of death, Laying mines are nothing but points for the other team.

Man... am so Jaded with EA first BF3 than sim city... I am giving EA games a break for at least a year or so....

alexmac2012d ago

You can't generalize a game by its predecessors and games not even made by the same dev. You have to give it a chance. Rent it!

Muffins12232012d ago

Dinosaurs...lots and lots of dinosaurs

alexmac2012d ago

Lets keep our fingers crossed!!!

SignifiedSix912012d ago

That would be awesome. I'd take waves of dinosaurs over zombies any day.

littlemac2012d ago

Zombies are such an overused concept these days. Dinos are fresh and unused! ;)

SignifiedSix912012d ago

I expect epicness of mass proportion.

Can't wait to log hundreds of hours into this beast.

alexmac2012d ago

I cant wait either! ^_^

SignifiedSix912012d ago

Crossing my fingers for them bringing back everything from BF2. I miss being commander and calling in artillery strikes, vehicle/supply drops, UAVs and setting waypoints for each squad.
They need to bring back 2 man jets too. :p

alexmac2012d ago

Oh I'd be in heaven. And they have C4 for Recon again it's just coming back all the love from BFBC2 and BF2 <3