The Xbox One Reminds Me of the Failed PlayStation X

"The Xbox One may be taking cue's fro m the likes of Google TV, and Apple TV; but, it also may be taking cue's fro m the long-forgotten, and failed PlayStation X (or, PSX.) And with the Xbox Ones" heavy-sided focus on being an "all-in-one-entertainment " device, certainly, some concessions have been made. Microsoft's recent revelations -- the console manufacturer; 0;not the software conglomerate -- have been called into question. Some speculate if tactics employed for its third-generation: Xbox One are, indeed, "Smart...Glass."

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Clarence1533d ago

Like I said M$ copies everything.

theWB271533d ago

Can you name one company who doesn't build off the ideas of others??? Please do..

Godmars2901533d ago

There's copying something, then there's copying something then directly and aggressively trying to take over the market position of the thing copied. Like MS has tried to do with the iPhone and iPod, and programs like Photoshop.

Worse is that most times, MS doesn't build off anything. They either make an exact or inferior product. Think the only exception to that "rule" was the Zune with its share ability.

Regardless, with the XB1 we get an example of what MS considers "innovation".

PSVita1533d ago

Sure didn't hear that when Knect was compared to the Eyetoy because apparently "its so original"...

Clarence1533d ago

Your right every company takes something from 1 another. M$ on the other hand out right copies or tries to buy innovation.

scofios1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

The playstation X was the first thing that came to my mind after the xbox one reveal.
Even Nintendo had something like that with the gamecube Q . both failed .
I Don't Know. Maybe M$ Can Pull It Off with their advertising.
Like they did with (eyetoy)kinect .

kennyg37391533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

PlayStation copy Xbox Live. All big companies copy each other, that just nature of the business.

theWB271533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

There's copying something, then there's copying something then directly and aggressively trying to take over the market position of the thing copied. Like MS has tried to do with the iPhone and iPod, and programs like Photoshop.

You kidding me? Apple is worse than Micro with their practices. They design their products to ONLY work with Apple products, have you seen the things they've sued other companies over? They build an inferior product and overcharge...bad example. Micro are saints compared to that company. If you have 45 billion on hand in the US(145 billion estimated overall), no debts as does Apple, that means they aggressively took over the market. They didn't pat other companies on the shoulder and ask them to kindly move out the way.

Clarence1533d ago

Socom came out first

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs is a tactical third-person shooter video game developed by Zipper Interactive and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is an exclusive title for the PlayStation 2. SOCOM was released on August 27, 2002, and it is one of the earliest titles for PS2's online service in North America.
Xbox live was launch November 2002

See alot of people don't know about this but Sony's online service was not called PSN back then. You had to have dial up and a modem to play online.

Playstation didn't copy live. It was the other way around.

kennyg37391533d ago

@clarnce I'm not talking about who went online first i'm pretty sure that goes to PC or Sega Dreamcast. I'm talking about the whole infrastructure of Xbox live.

Studio-YaMi1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

You said that if it was about going online,then PC or the DreamCast takes it,well .. "Steam" came out in 2003.

And basically,Xbox Live and PSN are the same as Steam.

But regarding consoles,yes .. PSN copied XboxLive I guess.

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Elwenil1533d ago

I find it funny that "" is located in Bellevue, WA and the site was registered on May 3rd, 2013. Can anyone tell me what company comes to mind in Bellevue, WA?

DlocDaBudSmoka1533d ago

ohhh pick me I know. lol. I know u mean Microsoft, but theyre in Redmond,Wa. but I get the point u are getting at.

Elwenil1533d ago

They also have an office in Bellevue.

Microsoft Corporation
205 108th Ave NE #400
Bellevue, WA 98004

Tr10wn1533d ago

Because Sony is original right? Move? Wii remote? is a business is normal...

HammadTheBeast1533d ago

Move tech was announced back in 2002.

Tr10wn1533d ago

Where did you get that info? can't find it anywhere, the only thing somewhat similar is the 3D wand they were experimenting on 2003 with the eyetoy, Move was announce on E3 2009 so i dont know what you are talking about.

Fanboyism>Facts in this site i don't know why i even bother.

ShaunCameron1533d ago

@ HammadTheBeast

And Sega had motion controls in 2000.

rainslacker1533d ago

And Nintendo had motion controls all the way back in 1989.

Crappy motion controls, but motion controls none-the-less.

Really though, who cares who copied who?

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SonyPS41533d ago

Well to be honest Sony has done the same with MS. Their trophy system is their Achievements system. Not to say it's a bad thing because Trophies are by far superior to Achievements. The entire PSN is also hugely influenced by XBL. Without XBL Sony wouldn't have been so aggressive with implementing online play features.

Companies copy all the time. Even Innovative Nintendo is guilty of the same thing (Wii U pro controller for example).

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theWB271533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

A device will fail if it's not in demand...all in one devices weren't in demand then and they are now. I know it was mentioned in the article but that means ALOT. Even bigger factor to it all, gaming was a far more niche hobby than it is now

The sides are too divided now...I dont agree with a few things Micro is doing(mainly the 24 hour check in even though I have internet) I still think they'd have to do more for the Xbox to actually fail.

zerocrossing1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I don't agree with anything MS are doing... and honestly I'm one who always likes to try and play "devils advocate" but I can't this time, I just can't.

There is literally no way to defend MS's actions, the Xbone is "restrictive" and "intrusive" You want to plug in and play games? sorry need to install them 1st, you have spotty Internet? sorry you need to be online so we can verify you aren't a criminal every 24 hours, you want to game off line? sorry no can do, how else can we check if you actually own/paid for the game?

Honestly, I refuse to have anything to do with such a anti consumer product, the Xbone needs to fail hard to prevent others from following suit, because if it succeeds I weep for the future of gaming...

Rainstorm811533d ago

I am usually never against any gaming device regardless of my preference... but this device is dangerous to gaming as we know it.

Its like we are witnessing Skynet going online and the more support it gets the stronger it gets.....If this system becomes widely popular next gen just may be the final console generation.

Belking1533d ago

You really have no Idea what's happening to the industry right now. There is something out there that is hurting the industry and it's not the xbox-one. It's places like gamestop who rob customers and developers making a profit off of someone else's work.

theWB271533d ago

The one thing I don't do around here is defend Microsoft. But to each his own...I know the pitfalls of buying the XboxOne and I'm choosing to get one, along with the PS4. People can disagree and anti-consumer this and that. The things that they restrict, I already don't do. If my internet goes out, I'll play my PS4, or plug in my 360 or PS3. All I'm saying is, I'll live.

Honestly, the hackers and illegal downloaders( I contributed) helped to make Micro take these draconian steps.

It's not just Micro...alot of publishers were pushing for the kind of control over used games and piracy that Micro has given them. It's w/e...if this were altering my life I'd have a bigger stance but as it stands, I have more important, pertinent things to worry about.

zerocrossing1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


Honesty? do you understand what you're saying?

Of course Gamestop make a profit off of someone else's work... so do bookstores, car dealers, music stores and comic book/manga shops, should they all get closed down because they profit off of the original creator? no! because they are a sales outlet that helps generate "sales"

Gamestop may be a bad example of a game retailer, but most are forced to sell second hand games primarily because they earn such a pittance from the sale of a new game, the reason why that is, is because publishers take huge cut, if you need to blame someone blame publishers, don't forget that they also profit off of the developers, the original creators.

SonyPS41533d ago

This console is defeating the purpose of a console: plug and play, and convenience. PC gaming is way more plug and play and convenient than this XOne on paper.

I really hope the people that do plan on buying the XOne really enjoys their system and games, but I fear video games in its entire will be changing for the worse, again.

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NatureOfLogic1533d ago

@ theWB27

You want to make it very known that you're clueless and buying a Xbox one? Good for you, be a sheep. MS is targeting people like you. People who will try to ignore all of the negative and just bend over and take whatever they throw at them.

theWB271533d ago

Cool story bro...actually Im pretty informed. Well informed actually. I choose to do as I please. I have other devices that are more intrusive than this. The apps you have on your cell phone, are more intrusive than this. Did you know even though you turn the GPS off on your phone, you can still be tracked? Your credit/debit card can be tracked as soon as you make your next purchase. Everytime you go to the ATM, you're recorded.

Cameras are everywhere here in Cali taking pics, how do you know they don't take pics all the time? The cable company knows EXACTLY what shows you watch. Your social security could be being used by some unknown person.

You're a sheep in everyday life buddy...grow the f up. Seriously...we are being recorded and tracked EVERYWHERE. Get off the high horse...better yet you should just drop the grid and grow your own food where there are no power lines.

NatureOfLogic1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

@ theWB27

So because you feel like we're already being monitored and tracked in everyday life, that It's ok to just give up our rights so they can expand upon their agenda to monitor us? You make no sense. You're obviously very vocal and aware of the situation and have formed your own opinion on the subject of being monitored. To be aware of these things and not be concerned, Is asking for a future you'll surely regret. Don't ignore what is happening. The "oh well, It was happening anyway" attitude is the reason It's attempted in the first place. You may not care about you rights, but at least be considerate to those around you that do.