A Hat in Time hopes to atone for the platforming sins of Donkey Kong 64


There's a general shortage of platformers on consoles not produced by Nintendo, and even the ones we get lack the thoroughness of a Banjo-Kazooie or a Mario 64. Modern platforms are too linear, Kaerlev argues, giving you little reason to stop and smell the roses.

There is a culprit in the killing of this genre, and Kaerlev is quick to identify it.

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Snookies122018d ago

Sins of Donkey Kong 64? That game was freaking awesome.

asiatico2018d ago

Dk 64 was just awesome. Maybe I feel that way due to nostalgia but I have replayed it and I wish they make another DK game that's like it.

Duraji2018d ago

Yeah, Donkey Kong 64 is an awesome game, but sadly it was the last truly open-ended 3D platformer. If this game can make a triumphant return to less linear platformer games (looking at you, Mario Galaxy), I will be incredibly happy.

Fyflin2018d ago

There was an incredible amount of things to do in each level in Donkey Kong 64, it was practically 5 games stacked on top of each other. I must have spent freakin' ages playing the classic DK minigame too! Great touch having that in there :)

HarryKawkReturns2018d ago

Polygon. You guys are just...dumb. I'm sorry.

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The story is too old to be commented.