E3 2013: What we want to see from Sony's press conference

While the Xbox One has been a firestorm of controversy in the last few weeks, the PS4 has quietly accepted the praises of the many who are unhappy with Microsoft’s new, always-on direction.

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soniqstylz2016d ago

Best thing on the internet today.

Blackdeath_6632016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

"A PSN that matches or exceeds Xbox Live for gaming" i don't agree with that point at all having to pay for xbox live is the number one reason i haven't got a 360. i think psn is fine if not better as it is the only difference was the lack of ram that limited the ps3 in terms of multitasking making online features like cross game chat not possible. with 8GB gddr5 on the ps4 that certainly won't be a problem going forward they just need to integrate these online feature in a clean interface with the ps4. using the touch pad to navigate menus would be neat. on the subject of that i hope how the ps4 UI will look is revealed in much more detail at E3 maybe not at the conference but after it

Mr_Nuts2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

*** So far, while the exclusive games are limited on both sides, I have to give this one to Microsoft. Forza is a phenomenal car series, and Remedy makes really interesting games; my first glance suggests the Xbox One will have more exclusive games I’m personally interested in.***

I don't get that, then Forza will just be the same old racing games we've had this entire gen on both platforms. Then you have inFAMOUS SS, Knack, Drive Club (a bloody racing game)

BuffMordecai2016d ago

Finally putting the DRM issue to rest.

Williamson2016d ago

I'll cry if I see kingdom hearts 3! It skipped the ps3 which was a shame but it can wow us 10x more on the ps4.

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The story is too old to be commented.