Grand Theft Auto IV to be the same price on Xbox 360 and PS3

Earlier this week a number of websites began writing stories claiming that the PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV would cost more than the Xbox 360 version in the UK. The rumor began at Videogaming247 and was based on a poster hung in the window of a branch of WH Smith.

The recommended retail price of games is set by their distributor and like all other Rockstar Games titles released in the UK, GTA IV will be handled by Gem. On its website today, Gem lists the Recommended Retail Price of GTA IV on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as being £49.99.

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mighty_douche3643d ago

We know.

One crap UK news outlet prices them different and all hell breaks lose...

sonarus3643d ago

aww don't tell me you guys are going to ruin the bad ps3 news for the haters?
Common we could have let this one linger a bit before breaking their hearts

Rama262853643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

The worse thing is, the website of the retailer which was apparently selling the PS3 version more expensive had both versions at the same price!
( )

Then you had all the comments from people who just read the title without looking into it and jumping on the banwagon of wrong information. This was despite numerous posts from people actually living in the UK showing how ridiculous the article was and showing many many game retailers listing both versions at the same price.

DarkSniper3643d ago

The truth will set you free. God has blessed Sony Snipers worldwide by ensuring that this article has reached the masses. PLAYSTATION® 3 will have the upper hand in securing the superior amount of sales to this undeniable AAA product.

PLAYSTATION® 3 is simply the best creation that God has given us through the course of videogame history. Grand Theft Auto will be a prime example as the game will see superior graphics, consistent frame rates, and free online.

Now is a welcoming time to "Jump out" and "Play B3YOND". All you will need to do is WELCOME CHANG3 in your life.



iAmPS33643d ago

I would pay $10.00 bucks more to play the superior PS3 version, I am not that cheap.

But now BOTS will go crazy cause they are getting a game with Anti Aliasing and colors worse then the PS3 and for the same price.

All you BOTS have to play until Gears 2 is GTAIV and it's a inferior version???? Poor BOTS.

Shaka2K63643d ago

Not like alot of people know about that version anyways aside from the xbois nerds here on new4bots.
in the real world outside GTA is a Sony PS franchise.

Sez 3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

sonyfanboys are funny. the game will look the same on both. and even if the ps3 has some areas that look better. and i do stress SOME. the 360 still has the superior version with the extra DLC coming three months later. i never knew graphic was better than having more content. only sonyfanboy logic. you guys are the dumbest.

Phil Harrison Mkllll3643d ago

Yeah but for weeks your xBot slaves have been saying the xFlop 360 version is better???
That makes me laugh!!! ;-D
They HAVEN'T even seen the game running yet!!! ;-D
+GTA4 will have some sort of stuff for PS3's HOME! ;-P

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DFresh3643d ago

Xbox 360 games are a rip off.
You pay the same as the PS3 for games yet your not running a real HD Format for your games.
PS3 is better for online.
360 is just a short term product.

Sez 3643d ago

if you really believe that you are a sad case.
PS3 is better for online.hats a straight lie right there. the only thing PSN have is it's free thats it. and 360 does run games in HD. stop fooling yourself. you look like an idiot.

HarryEtTubMan3643d ago

hahahahhaha jealous XBOT troll just leave HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

YOUR CONSOLE IS GARABGE in comparison with the Playstation 3.

ambientFLIER3643d ago

Why does the format matter, as long as the game is in HD resolution, retard?

OC Shock Value3643d ago

thats because they are dumb

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