Missed Opportunity: Why I Wish Remember Me Was A Better Game

Kris discusses Remember Me, it's review scores, and how much of an impact it could have had on the publisher community if it had been a great game.

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jagiii1593d ago

This game looked very different for an Unreal Engine 3 title too...

evercast1593d ago

I've been enjoying it. I'm on chapter 5 and the combat is a little repetitive but its something different. It has so much potential.

jamz41593d ago

but wasn't this supposedly better than the last of us? /s

Cueil1593d ago

It was good enough that you wished it was great... it gives me the same fealing as Dragon's Dogma did at first... though DD eventually grew on me

creHEARTive1593d ago

besides the combat, I think the game is awesome.