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Shadowrun Returns is a title that many don’t know about to be frank, and it make sense why. The original title came out around 1993 on the Super Nintendo acquiring great scores from all of the reviewers of the time, and acquiring the 48th best game on any Nintendo platform by Nintendo Power around 1997. Soon after, another game called Shadowrun was released on the Sega Genesis, but seemed to be more of a sequel taking place years after the first title, but not acquiring the same attention as the first one. Sadly, by 2007, the Shadowrun franchise seemed to have dug their own graves with the announcement of a first-person shooter known as Shadowrun, developed by FASA Interactive and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 along with the PC.

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fermcr1961d ago

One of my most expected games for this year. On steam it says it's going to be released this month :)

Jourdy2881961d ago

Never played the original but this looks awesome :D

3-4-51961d ago

I'm excited about the map creator/editor.

People can basically write/create endless scenarios and stories within the game.

caseh1961d ago

Yeah same here, i'm gonna re-create the nightclub from the SNES game. :D

Sadly I can't find a clip on the tube but I can still remember the music all these years later.

Murad1961d ago

It totally does, I'm super hyped up fro the game, especially because the weird first-person shooter game called Shadowrun just didn't cut it out for me.

MooseWI1961d ago

I spent a good amount of time on Shadowrun. Was pretty fun, if it is more polished this time around it could be a good hitter. Still have the game somewhere around this house..

cunnilumpkin1961d ago

cannot wait for this game, looks amazing, been following the dev talks and youtube gameplay

it looks epic!

Murad1961d ago

Totally agree, and I'm looking forward to actually just getting the same feeling for it that I did the original.

dendenmooshi1961d ago

Nice, nice nice. I hope they do the cybertech gameplay and companions justice.

I miss that game and I can't wait!

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