Entertainment Buddha’s E3 Priorities – What We Want to See and Why

E3 2013 will officially be upon us this Monday when the industry heavyweights give their press conferences to inform gamers across the globe of what they’ve been working on. On Tuesday the focus will shift to the actual E3 show where flashing lights and dubstep music await eager attendees. It’s no secret that the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be on most people’s to-do lists, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other treasures awaiting to be seen during the greatest week for gamers of the year. There will be plenty of awesome games and new toys to play with, so while I’m at the show I plan to hit each and every priority listed below.

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MooseWI2016d ago

As an Xbox owner since the first one, and a payer of Xbox Live for 8+ years, I am very ready to move on the Sony's Playstation 4, I am assuming E3 is going to be the final push to get me to move on, if it hasn't been enough by now.