What To Expect From Microsoft’s E3 Event This Year

Without a doubt it’s an exciting time to be a gamer right now, we’ve had one next generation console release already with the Wii U, and now we’ll finally get to see the PlayStation 4 as well. Microsoft tipped their hand to the design of their console at their May reveal, and we’ve been told that E3 will be strictly about games, so that bit of news has got to excite a lot of people. Microsoft said in May that they’d have 15 exclusives to release in the first year of the Xbox One’s life cycle, and 8 of those exclusives are going to be brand new IP’s.

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ARROWFROG1989d ago

I expect microsoft to anounce nintendo titles ro xbox one. That would be a real shocker.

SignifiedSix911989d ago

I expect games and lots of em!

That-Guy1989d ago

I expect disappointment.

Megaton1989d ago

I expect a lot of multiplats meant to look like exclusives.

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