Hideo Kojima is in LA for E3

Hideo Kojima has arrived in Los Angeles for E3 2013, which begins tomorrow on June 10th.

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Crazay1899d ago

Does Kojima bug anyone else even a little bit the way he bothers me? I mean, he has some great ideas but his stories are so goddamn convoluted that I pretty well just forget the story even happened and skip the story sequences because I can't for the life of me remember any pf the 2 million story arcs he;s introduced in the previous titles.

Nyxus1899d ago

... No, can't say I feel that way.

Crazay1898d ago

fair enougn but you have to at least agree to some degree that he spends too much time trying to make fancy plot twists that make little sense until he shoe horns in an explanation.

Shinobi1001899d ago

Here to announce Metal Gear V...ita?

Nyxus1899d ago

I doubt they will show anything else than MGSV, but who knows. But I think there's a good chance they will announce the game for next generation consoles. Maybe Kojima will be at Sony's conference to show the game running on PS4.

Pittoo1899d ago

Hopefully to announce he was trolling us about the voice actor changes....

Nyxus1899d ago

I wouldn't count on that.

Nyxus1898d ago

@ Crazay: No... I'd advice you to read some analyses for the games. Here is one: http://www.deltaheadtransla...