E3 2013 to deliver PS4 vs Xbox One drama

E3, the biggest American gaming trade show, is about to judge whether the PS4 or the Xbox One will win. Of course, we know more about the Xbox One than Sony’s next flagship gaming console thanks to multiple details coming directly from Microsoft.

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theWB272016d ago

The only people this E3 will be drama for are the people who think choosing a side makes their day better. For the gamers out there who love games because they love GAMES...this should a fantastic, exciting E3. Drama should be left to the actual companies going against each other.

NatureOfLogic2016d ago

No matter how many games MS show, "gamers" shouldn't turn a blind eye to MS's policies just because they show some games that you like. Those "GAMES" that you like so much, won't be there in the future when you(the consumer) no longer have a voice.

S2Killinit2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Gamer's right of ownership for their own games aside, your not even taking into account the larger picture. If consumers are ignorant enough to purchase the kinect, there will be a day when ALL your appliances will gather information about you right from inside your house. Historically, the Home is the one place of refuge from the influence of the outside world, but if the public accepts kinect's privacy rights diminishing "capabilities" (some of which have NOTHING to do with gaming), that bastion will loose its sacred place and your homes will become a free for all as corporations seeking higher profits will violate your privacy even inside your own home to get an edge over other corporations. And then there will always be the nightmarish scenario that the next wave will be governments that use such information for population control. I just don't want to live in a world like that. I was initially going to buy the xbox because even though I'm mainly a playstation gamer, I don't support PS over gaming in general, but in light of the recent news about what Microsoft has in store for gamers and the general public, I am inclined to stay away from their console.

RedHawkX2016d ago

i agree if you are a gamer then you shouldnt ignore the crap ms is pulling just because they dangle a few carrots in front of you. also theres no way ms is gonna have as many exclusives as the other competitors. not to mention when the xbox one flops the few exclusives worth playing that they have will be brought to the ps4 and pc and wii u . you can only win if you dont purchase an xbox one. if you buy an xbox one all of us gamers lose. as a gamer i do not want to lose.

all the multiplats will run better on other platforms. its not worth destroying gaming by buying an xbox one just because they have 1 or 2 exclusives you want when other companys have 20+ that are much better and then better multiplats.

Dynasty20212016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Considering the Xbox One is dicking over CONSUMERS, not just gamers, E3 will be noted as the turning point for the destruction of the gaming industry.

Unless Sony turn around and say "minimal DRM, and you can share your games however and whenever you want."

That's the only way anyone benefits from E3.

Any gamer that says they will get an Xbox One because of the games being shown at E3, therefore ignoring the new policies Microsoft are implementing, should be shot by a firing squad of gamers.

CrossingEden2016d ago

I would like you to use your brain for a few seconds, you literally just said, that gamers who will get a different console then you, should be killed, -_-um, and people like you talk about how companies oppress us, seriously, you are sitting behind a computer wishing that someone who you will never meet, who could be the nicest person in the world, SHOULD.BE.KILLED. because they like different things then you

loulou2016d ago

could someone please explain to me why drm will kill the industry?

i dont agree with it, but i cannot see it making the next gen the last because it has destroyed the industry.

also, yes e3 will be a drama... for the the fanboys on n4g

theWB272016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Because the popular thing to do nowadays is protest protest, consumer voice babble. It's videogames, if I didn't have them I'd if it were a life altering change I'd be all for the voice. But it's not, it's a hobby and I enjoy my hobby and I will continue to "deal" with certain things until it alters my life. Great games are being released and I will follow the system that delivers those games I enjoy...both Sony and Microsoft deliver that for me so I will continue to support both.

I agree and I refuse to buy into this childishness.

RM-TatoTiburon2016d ago

bubbles for both of you, i want games to play from microsoft, from sony from nintendo, that's all maters for me.

This conspiracy theory, they will control us, the kinect will watch us all the time, track our minds is stupid.

I don'r care about drm either, i just want games nothing else matters

GenericNameHere2016d ago

I know MS said E3 was gonna be a huge focus on games, but I hope they at least spend 5 minutes clearing things up. They were the ones that got Sony get their act together and make the last few years so good for PS3 gamers. I want Microsoft and Sony to always be competing and improving on each other's ideas, but I don't like the way Microsoft is going this gen.

project_pat362016d ago

Why is this article here. It's common sense that these two companies will feud [albeit indirectly (mostly)]

Majority knows the PS4 will win, even XB1 die-hards (they just wont admit it)

RedHawkX2016d ago

yep the ps4, wii u, handhelds will win this new console generation and we gamers have to make sure of it. you know what you have to do and thats educate people on why they shouldnt support the xbox one policies. also i believe we have some of those secret ms agents on this site trying to downplay the no used games, lending games, and drm crap. we have to fight this now because in the future it will be to late like so many things that people had wished they didnt turn a blind eye to until it was to late.

Benjammin252016d ago

I hope Microsoft and Sony hug at some point during E3 and decide it's not worth losing their friendship over a console war. Then Sony says to Microsoft "You make good stuff, but your so greedy. Stop being greedy." And Microsoft is like "Ok. We'll stop being greedy." and starts giving away free consoles. I can totally see that happening. So much so i've bet my house and car on it. Can't wait to go and get my earnings.

Angeljuice2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I agree, I really don't see how you can 'win' E3, as far as I'm aware its not an acknowledged sport.You wouldn't talk about who won the Frankfurt motor show.

A company can have a good or a bad showing, which may indeed affect sales, but that is at best subjective.

It is all a little strange how consoles seem to be alone in this way of thinking. Can you imagine "Colgate won this generation of toothpaste by outselling Arm and Hammer 3-1" or "Ford pwned Ferrari, it sold millions more cars this gen"?

It does strike me as being a little odd.

loulou2016d ago

agreed.. a fanboy term to help them sleep at night. perhaps the execs win a gazillion dollars, or can have a no-holds-barred week with eight playboy bunnies..

winning e3. what idiots fanboys are

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