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Submitted by StartWars 974d ago | opinion piece

The most anticipated racing games of E3 2013

VVV: "Of course, this being VVV we’re here to talk about driving games, and E3 2013 is looking like an exceptional show for the genre. Even my exhaustive 2013 racing games preview couldn’t predict the plethora of high profile racing games that were unexpectedly announced over the past few weeks in the run-up to the big day.

We will endeavor to bring you all the latest news and hands-on gameplay videos directly from the show floor throughout next week, but for now here’s our racing game road map of what to expect from E3 2013:
" (Driveclub, E3, Forza Motorsport 5, Gran Turismo 6, Need For Speed: Rivals, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Muerte2494  +   974d ago

"Poor Polyphony. No sooner had they announced Gran Turismo 6 after taking their sweet time before Microsoft arguably punctured all the excitement with Forza Motorsport 5.

Of course, there's always been bickering between the two rival franchise, but there's a significant difference this time: FM5 will benefit from being a shiny next gen title on Xbox One, whereas GT6 is still clinging to the PS3. I therefore can’t help but worry that history is about to repeat itself, as Polyphony are once again in danger of languishing behind the competition."

Gran Turismo has never seen Forza as a direct competitor. Turn 10 is bragging about something that Polyphony achieved on ps3 (1080p/60fps current gen).

only sales numbers I had to go by. Sorry it's crappy VGchartz so Playstation might be getting low balled.

Forza 4 = 3.96 million global

Gran Turismo 5 = 10.41 million

Gamers have spoken
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Foxgod  +   974d ago
Who says they are bragging, people just wanted to know if the game finally goes FullHD, people been tweeting them like crazy for that info, after they revealed the 60 fps info.

And yes, GT outsells Forza big time, but near 4 million is still pretty darn impressive, and Forza also got some features over GT, such as having a premium treatment for all cars.

4 million is still impressive, as a lot of studio's are dreaming of those numbers, GT is not the center of the world, so theres no need to compare numbers.
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   974d ago
DriveCLub and GT6 are my most anticipated :D

Anyway I own both GT5 and F4. They both are almost the same but GT5 is better overall and has better engine. Forza 4 has a lot more customization and user free detailing which I like but overall GT5 is my favourite

I am looking forward to DriveClub as well as the graphics and cars seem nice. It also might have a lot more user cutomization since it is socially driven! :D

@Fozgod You see 4 million isn't that impressive when you consider that the GT5 sold over 5 million more than Forza 4 which is double what it sold. It does show which is the better game. Even though GT5 didn't have every car as a premium, I still loved it. I couldn't car anyless because thy cars I did love had a premium. Just because you cannot see the cockpit of the car, doesn't mean it's a downfall. The only thing I like more about Forza 4 is that the user customization is greater but other than that, GT5 all the way, and the sales show it aswell
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loulou  +   974d ago
no muerte... a fanboy has spoken.

still, gt as a launch title would have been a massive boost for the ps4. no denying that
iGAM3R-VIII  +   974d ago
Not really, Sony still have to show hat they support the PS3. If they released GT6 for both PS4 and PS4, there would have to be a huge difference between the two. I think it was smart because we have DriveClub for PS4 which imo looks simply stunning.

@below I doubt that it will be a PS4 version. He said it wasn't in mind which means it might not but we will see at E3. Laos since that PS4 is such a beast, and the hardware is much more powerful, you can port it to the PS4 but the graphics will lose and they would need to improve the engine and graphics since it is more powerful, otherwise, why buy the PS4 version when you can get the PS3 version. ALso DriveClub looks to be a nice game and I will be getting it with the PS4.
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Skips  +   974d ago

Massively updated PS4 version incoming...

Considering GT6 was built for the ground up for PS3, and how incredibly easy it is to develop/port to PS4.

Smart move by Sony...


"if MS would do that people would act like its the end of the world, by argumenting over rehashes."

Probably because Microsoft have been using the same 3-4 IP's for like, 4 years straight without giving anything new???
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Foxgod  +   974d ago
As nice as it is to get a ps4 version, if MS would do that people would act like its the end of the world, by argumenting over rehashes.
Skips  +   974d ago

"I doubt that it will be a PS4 version. He said it wasn't in mind".

From the article:

- "We actually do have a PlayStation 4 version in mind," reveals Polyphony boss.

- "Yamauchi suggests that the PS4 version may include additional content released following the game's PS3 launch."

What are you talking about??? He clearly wants to make an updated PS4 version.
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Hicken  +   974d ago
The difference between Forza and GT is, as I'm sure you know, that one will have had two entries this generation, while the other has already had four.

Forza 5 would have been the fifth game this generation, and the third in three years.

How long has it been since GT5 came out?
NukaCola  +   974d ago
I'm most excited for Drive Club. It's the only one doing something new. Also like to see Mario Kart Wii U demos.
Foxgod  +   974d ago
Hopefully with sonic in it, so that it feels a bit like super smash kart brothers :)
theWB27  +   974d ago
You do know Forza already does most of the car club features they're discussing?
chcolatesnw  +   974d ago
GT5 is NOT 1080p since 1280x1080 is NOT 1920x1080p LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
Ill just leave proof that GT5 is a piece of crap compared to Forza
GT5 claims 1000 cars where 800 of them are GT4 models like this
iGAM3R-VIII  +   974d ago
"GT5 is NOT 1080p since 1280x1080 is NOT 1920x1080p"

1080p IS 1280x1080 and it can be 1920x1080 but the 2nd one is more HD and better per use and GT5 was 720p

@below GT5 was 720p and I know that. It could be played at 1080p though so I do not know what you mean. Alsowho cares baout the premium car thing. Almost all of them have been fixed by now

Also Forza 5 seems like a good promise with the full HD and running at 60fps with full 1080p so I am looking forward to seeing that
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chcolatesnw   974d ago | Immature | show
Foxgod  +   974d ago
indeed, 1080p means 1920x1080p

other quasi x1080 resolutions are 1080i.
So Forza5 will be the first fullhd racing simulator on consoles.
Muerte2494  +   974d ago
is an anamorphic resolution. 1440x1080 and 1280x1080 are both 1080p resolution used save bandwidth. "P" stands for progressive scans and "I" stands for interlaced (ever other line). Know what you're talking about, instead of spewing nonsense. 1280x1080p is in fact 1080p

"Of course there is no Xbox 360 version to compare with, but arguably we can go one better. GT5 has individual support for 720p, 1080p and 3D. By capturing and analysing the same replay clips in each of the three different modes, we can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the GT5 engine"

Now why would that say 1080p version instead of 1080i? Hmm, maybe it's because it's 1,080 PROGRESSIVE LINES.
TheSurg  +   974d ago

Forza running at 1080p and 60fps is impressive with that kind of graphics but fanboys will still talk crap about it. Reminds me of this ridiculous poll

"Which game has the higher framerate? - Results (102 votes)

1.Forza Motorsports 5 (60 frames per second)- 51 votes
2.Drive Club (30 frames per second)- 51 votes

When blind fanboys say 30 fps is more than 60 fps then there is no hope...they've outdone themselves.
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WarThunder  +   974d ago

n4g has a lot of users with random names with lot of bubble defending anything about X1 hmmmm
LeRise  +   974d ago
By the way:

All Forzas (5 games) combined = 15.81 million copies
All GT5-s combined (2 games) = 14.54 million copies

Guess what will happen if GT6 comes on both PS3 and PS4.

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F4sterTh4nFTL  +   974d ago
Forza 2 (2007) = 4.00 Million, Metacritic/User Score = 90, 8.4
Forza 3 (2009) = 5.37 Million, Metacritic/User Score = 92, 7.9
Forza 4 (2011) = 3.96 Million, Metacritic/User Score = 91, 8.0
Forza Horizon (2012) = 1.4 Million, Metacritic/User Score = 85, 8.3

Forza Total on Xbox 360 = 14.73 Million

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (2007) = 4.13 Million, Metacritic/User Score = 80, 7.3
Gran Turismo 5 (2010) = 10.41 Million, Metacritic = 84, 7.5

Gran Turismo Total on PS3 = 14.54 Million

Numbers don't lie only fanboys do.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   974d ago
The fact you didn't even add GT4, GT3, GT2 and GT1 proves that overall, the GT series beat the total by a longshot.
Muerte2494  +   974d ago
So you're comparing...
Four Forza releases to only 2 Gran Turismo releases. The difference is only 190,000 and this is according to VGchartz numbers.
greenpowerz  +   974d ago
Well FasterThanFTL tried to spin it the best he could with some integrity intact.

People compare the two simulator franchises when they both existed.

Not many people would compare an average score of games that existed before the ones they are comparing them to didn't even exist.

People are also comparing GT and Forza proper(SIM) not spin -offs

Getting into secondary releases to throw the average and give the edge to Sony, we might as well be talking about spin offs like Polyphony Digital's *Tourist Trophy* etc.
WarThunder  +   974d ago
YAY Metacritic lmao!
InTheLab  +   974d ago
makes you wonder where forza 4 would be without the forza 4/skyrim bundle. because for a while there, it was stuck at 1.4m.
PSone   974d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
stage88  +   974d ago
Definitely GT6, can't wait to see it at E3!
TXIDarkAvenger  +   974d ago
As a racing fan, this is going to be awesome.
OrangePowerz  +   974d ago
Looking forward to the new Mario Kart for Wii U. Just to be a bit different :) Also looking forward for most of the other games, not that much for yet another Need for Speed game. I much rather have another proper Burnout (don`t get me wrong I love Burnout Paradise) that`s about crashing others and create chaos at street junctions instead f open world.
WarThunder  +   974d ago
Im interested in

Project Cars

Rest are smoke and mirrors...
desertpunk86   974d ago | Trolling | show
KrimsonKody  +   974d ago
I would like a new Midnight Club, this gen or next-gen, or both.
urwifeminder  +   973d ago
Forza ,project gotham,project cars and rally sport challenge are my hopes.
level 360  +   973d ago
Forza 5 trailer looked more like it was a new Project Gotham..


GT6 on the PS3 sure won't be languishing behind the competition(?!). I don't think so.

On pure game play and replayability alone GranTurismo trumps Forza. Why? GranTurismo vehicles simply *react and *feel better using either a control pad or steering wheel even if the game only has damage mode in increments.

Forza's plus is mostly their great number of cars and tracks and rewind system.

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