Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Could Be The End Of Video Game Consoles

Forbes - The world will focus on the next generation of gaming at E3 in Los Angeles this week, as over 35,000 industry professionals gather at the LA Convention Center. Sony and Microsoft kick things off on June 10 with press conferences to tout the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, which will launch this fall. But the game industry is evolving in such a way that some analysts believe that there won’t be a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two.

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jagiii2012d ago

I don't think many people were looking forward to Xbox Two.

aceitman2012d ago

i doubt it sony has been in the game for a while and im sure it will do really well next gen and im sure it will keep them going gamer for life .

NukaCola2012d ago

Seems as if Forbes is throwing Sony in the mix so as to not give MS all the fully deserved credit and blame.

RedHawkX2012d ago

yep the ps4 is only the beginning

legionsoup2012d ago

None of you actually read the article, did you?

aceitman2012d ago

@ legionsoup I read it they are more less talking about console form , but I still think sony will have a console , that will fit to what ever 8-10 years from now looks like , its always good to have something that not many others have , but a selected few . not many dare enter the console market , unlike tablets and smart tv and phones .

douevenlift2012d ago

Sony may be able to do something with cloud streaming of games with PS4 given its relationship with certain cloud technology providers. Microsoft already has plans with Xbone to do cloud streaming in a few years when all servers are set up and tested, this will theoretically allow devs to use better hardware to program games, where the Xbone just streams the image. This is currently all theoretical and pie in the sky, so we'll see what really happens in 3 years.

Testfire2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

We hear this all the time, "consoles are gonna die out, blah blah blah.". In fact, how many remember the rumor last year that vehemently stated that one of the Big 3 console makers was not going to be releasing a new console? Yet, we have a PS4, Xbone and Wiiu. That had this site in an all out flame war. This article is bullshit, plain and simple.

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DxTrixterz2012d ago

God I sure hope they won't make X2. With it it will be like requirement of internet just to turn that thing on and also fee for every time you would try to turn it on.

Rusty5152012d ago

By the looks of it, considering how terrible Microsoft is at coming up with their console names, they're probably gonna call the next Xbox the Xbox three.

Relientk772012d ago

The Xbox Two would have came with a Microsoft employee that sits in your living room, spying on you, taking notes for Microsoft

Studio-YaMi2012d ago

Actually with what was said from an interview with Adam Sessler,the xbox1 could be the last console that microsoft will make and just upgrade on it with cloud computing.

Or something like that anyways ! :\

Don't know what's up with that but with all that MS is doing lately with their Xbox1 policies and what-not,they might get out of the game sooner than they think,I hope not though .. competition is always welcomed.

Psn8002012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

There is too much money involved in gaming your talking Billions so i can't see them stopping making consoles , well Sony anyway why should they stop there fighters and I believe this round it's Sony's and it looks really bad for Ms through there greed .

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Whitefeather2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Not likely, people keep saying it but consoles still sell.

_LarZen_2012d ago

Yeah, and the same have people said about pc gaming for years.

Neither consoles or pc's made for gaming is going anywhere soon.

mmccarthy42012d ago

They are more popular than they have ever been. Console gaming isn't going anywhere.

Kingnichendrix2012d ago

exactly not everyone can afford gaming pc's or have the time to invest in them

DoctorXpro2012d ago

bla bla bla heard this many times.

Agent_00_Revan2012d ago

Yea, we heard it Last generation too.

CoolBeansRus2012d ago

This would be it except for the fact that...ohh..i don't know...Technology keeps improving? Yea, that's it.

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