What Microsoft MUST do during E3

Microsoft laid down their cards and came up with nothing good. They've become the laughing stock of Nintendo, Sony, and most of the Internet gaming community. Without a strong a strong showing at E3, this could be the nail in the coffin for Microsoft's foray into the home console world. Without making the right moves at the right times, Microsoft could serve to damage themselves during this year's exhibition.

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WolfOfDarkness1987d ago

Microsoft is paying off game developers to not show games and gameplay for the ps4 at E3 tomorrow !

It's on the news , Microsoft is getting dirty . That's a really weak point tagged to MS gaint .

It's all over YouTube , check it out !

Belking1987d ago

That's Only on N4g.

OrangePowerz1987d ago

Well I`m sure they paid EA a lot to heavily promote the games they have on Xbone and Avalanche Studio is going on about how great the console is. There might be very well money flowing to devs or Publishers to promote their console more. It`s MS so it wouldn`t be a new practice they did those things since a long time before they started making consoles.

WolfOfDarkness1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I am not making this story from my imagination bro , do your search and start with YouTube , and you will be as surprised as me . There's a lot of talk about this serious issue .

cleft51987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

It doesn't matter to me what Microsoft does doing E3. I am not going to support them no matter what. I know I am just one voice and even if we all band together it probably still wouldn't matter. But I am going to vote with my dollars and say no.

It's bad enough that used games aren't going to work the way it use to work. But I can accept that, even though it is a hard pill to swallow. But the combination of everything else they are trying to do just disgust me. I own and love playing games on my 360, but no way will I support Xbox One. My one voice may not matter to the whole, but it matters to me. 20 years from now when gaming has turn into something that I can't even recognize, at least I will know that I didn't support a company that wanted to rush head first into that new bleak future.

yesmynameissumo1987d ago

^^^ There is nothing they could show that is changing my mind. Not getting a Xbox One.

GusBricker1987d ago

Just put coding on the disc, as long as you have the disc in the machine you can play offline.

SnakeCQC1987d ago

ms needs to promise free online

mmccarthy41987d ago

they already said they won't

SnakeCQC1987d ago

thats a shame well now i understand why microsoft users are turning

GamersHeaven1987d ago

Lol that's why they there doing the always online guaranteeing every one pay for Live.I wouldn't be surprised at all if they increase the price of it.

JBSleek1987d ago

A non stop barrage of repetitive articles about either what Xbox can do or how it's already over.

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The story is too old to be commented.