My Predictions for Sony’s E3 Press Conference

If you didn’t know, E3 is just around the corner and Sony is planning on making there conference one to remember.

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smashman981954d ago

I think only the first 2 predictions are right

Vita needs that price drop as well as a bundle
Last guardian might get shown but I wouldn't count on it coming this year
I think lbpv2 is a cool prediction but I don't think its quite right possibly a lbp ps4 crossplay title

I think some shoe ins for e3 announcements are
A new jak and daxter
A new gravity rush
Sony bends new title
Another atlus vita game

Xof1953d ago

I don't think ND will do a new J&D, but it's possible they'll toss it off on another developer like those two PSP games. I wouldn't expect much from something like that, though.

smashman981953d ago

Yea I don't think naughty dog is working on it either

joeyisback1954d ago

Im hearing from different sources that kingdom hearts 3 PS4 exclusive also that the new ff will be PS4 exclusive new crash bandicoot maybe aint 100 percent on that and then world of warcraft PS4 exclusive free to play i heard Cliffy b might be at the Sony press conference will see if my source is correct tomorrow can't wait :-D

Mr_Writer851953d ago

Where have you heard/ read this? I would love for you to be right, and will bubble you up if you are, but the cynic in me can't trust something without proof.

younglj011954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

For the past couple of weeks my PSN comment have been [email protected] this come true then I'll be happy.But my PSN friends keep telling me it wont happen but i think MAG2 will come some day...

WolfOfDarkness1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

My predictions :

1- Sony will steal the show from Microsoft by showing first wave of Next generation games and few PS4 games will be playable at Sony booth , then everyone will understand this " Graphics Power Does Matter "

2- Nintendo will show the new Zelda , Metriod ,smash bros ...ect .

3- Microsoft will arrange the best conference with upcoming games , But still a lot of people will notes this " PS4 Games actually Looks better "

4- Sony will reveal the Good news every one is waiting for , No DRM , and it's going to be the Breaking news of the day .

5 - Rarewere UK . Will unleash " killer Instinct 3 " and it will titled as the first Fighting for the Next generation gaming , and it will crab the attention and it might be The Fighting Game award Of E3 .

6- Game developers will notes PS4 New Specs , might be upgraded , which will make them consider Ps4 Must to develop games for in the future .

7- Microsoft with the marketing tools will bring actors from Hollywood to advertise Xbox One .

These are my predictions for E3 .

Sitdown1954d ago

Like the way you think....

WolfOfDarkness1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

They are only Predictions , you don't have to disagree ! LOL it might be true and it might be not be true , I am a gamer for 25 years now , I think I have a good predictions sometime , lets Waite until tomorrow and see how many point I got right . Eeh ehh .

WolfOfDarkness1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

My prediction No 5 Came true , Finally Killer Instinct 3 for Xbox One . And it's looks amazing !

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The story is too old to be commented.