Sony unable to confirm PS3 Platinum range

Videogamer writes: "The Platinum range of titles have been around since the first PlayStation and rumours suggest the lower-priced collection will soon be appearing on PlayStation 3.

If true, PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to get their hands on the cheaper titles this autumn with prices in the region of 40 Euros - that's around £30.

We asked Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for confirmation, who simply told us they "cannot comment on rumour or speculation"."

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Lifendz3739d ago

if you just got a PS3 I know you're like "whatever" about a launch game but it was really a fun game. Motorstorm should be there as well. I would like to pick up Motorstorm but I'm waiting for part 2. Also, NGS should be platinum and if it is and you don't have DMC4 then you should pick it up.

So many games on PS3. Amazing how I always hear it has no games.

Cyrus3653739d ago

yeah what qualifies as platium, from the list it looks to be first party/2nd party exclusives.