Here's What Ouya Will be Showing Off at E3

With ES coming this week, there have been several announcements about new Ouya games, both original and ported from other systems. Here's what they'll be showing at their parking lot 'booth' across from E3.

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smashman982015d ago

Don't you mean... Next to e3 :P

Game4life2015d ago

more like in the parking lot of E3

still I'm not really interested in android gaming. It just lacks the deep immersion that consoles have unfortunately

project_pat362015d ago

good thing you posted this, otherwise nobody would know ;)

ziggurcat2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

nothing. because it's garbage.

you know it's sad, and pathetic when they have to resort to showing their **** in the parking lot.

BuffMordecai2015d ago

Still better than the bone. At least I can run emulators off it.

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