Hitler Never Played Crash Bandicoot - Faulty Pixel Podcast EP05

Host Paul Izod is joined by guests Emma 'Hawkeye' Picknell and Tom 'Captain Lumberjack' Seymour as they discuss the gaming news of the week and have some fun along the way!

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stage881962d ago

The title - wtf?

Well, he missed out!

Cam9771962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

He was only 50 odd years late, maybe if he hadn't capped his brains all over the floor he'd have played it?

SpinalRemains1962d ago

Hitler played Nazi Pitfall and Nazi Asteroids.

He invented Zaxxon @ The Eagles Nest w/ Himmler and Hitler always got the high score.

Everyone knows that.

TheTimeDoctor1962d ago

he seems more like a burn zombie burn guy