GTA IV out soon, controversy expected

The time that thousands (way to underestimate, eh?) of gamers have been waiting for is roughly a month away. Yes, a new Grand Theft Auto game will soon drive its way straight to our hearts. But while we, the gamers, are waiting to play the game for entertainment, you can bet that others are waiting on it for different reasons.

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ATLRoAcH3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Controversy is inevitable. This is a good read.I can't wait for GTA IV. I'm marking out the days on a calendar. (r)

Teh-Venom3646d ago

R* doesn't give a crap what media says, these guys will push the bar up high every time they make a GTA game. the damn game is rated M for Christ's sake.

Exhaust3646d ago

We still don't know that much about the game. Besides the normal hookers and "murder simulation" accusations I'm sure Rockstar has a few more tricks up their sleeves for media attention.

Rockstar is a master at using controversy to get free publicity. Expect a bunch of totally biased Faux News reports on this game soon after launch.

tooltime3646d ago

Here are some new multiplayer screenshots from gta 4:

Nameless3646d ago

I am sure FOX News will get Jack on their show once this releases & he will have his son buy the game & Jack will have his son play so he can "study" it & Jacks son can tell Jack whats bad about the game & voila

JD_Shadow3645d ago

And he will be, according to FOX Noise, a "school-shooting expert".

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The story is too old to be commented.