Phantasy Star Online 2 Gets an Expansion, New Race, New Class, New Planet and More

Phantasy Star Online 2 is about to celebrate the first anniversary of its Japanese release and on Jule the 17th it’s going to receive a large content expansion simply named “Episode 2“.

Sega just released detailed info about it, and a batch of screenshots.

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Alexious2012d ago

I know a PSO fan who'll get excited about this.

Abriael2012d ago

I would as well, if Sega woke up and released the game in a language I can actually understand...

They've been in my shit list for localizations lately, together with Namco...

nick3092012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Learn japanese , or miss on alot of good games that wont get localized.
Yay disagrees .. I really dont care as it only shows the ignorant kids that exist.

無駄 無駄 無駄 無駄 無駄 無駄!

Frodosmugins2012d ago


the disagrees are for your smugness!

Kingthrash3602012d ago

man they need to release this world me thinking about all these restrictions and rules the new generation is coming with (mostly outrageous and anti-consumer rules and restrictions) about they make a rule to release all games world wide..that imo would be a positive rule...then maybe I could enjoy this too

Abriael2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Wouldn't that be awesome?

The best approach would be what Square Enix is doing with Final Fantasy XIV. Just do all languages at the same time. It actually pushes expenses down, and opens a lot market-wise.

You don't need to release everything on disk. Just do it digitally for games that you don't expect to sell much, and it's almost 100% net gain on every title...

Of course this is just wishful thinking...

Abriael2012d ago

Lol at the disagree... looks like someone wants less games. Because yanno, less games is good. Obviously.

Leave it to some people here not to make any sense.

Kingthrash3602012d ago

lol this^

perfect example of people who disagree just to disagree lol

Abriael2012d ago

@Kingthrash360: Boggles my mind every time.

sagesurge2012d ago

This is exciting news. I guess we can all agree to disagree but I'm excited

ajames3472012d ago

Hopefully this gets a North American release--mainly because after watching Youtube videos of previous Phantasy Online games I've always wanted to play one for myself. And I have to admit, it looks pretty good.

Abriael2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

It does, especially character creation is fantastic...

If Sega cancels this one (and I'm starting to wonder if they will) I swear they'll hear from me. And I won't be happy.

Studio-YaMi2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )


If I played PSO2 on my PC and I made an account and a character .. can I play my same character(same level/items/equips etc) with my same account on the PS Vita !?


Azurite2012d ago

The game is free to play and YES, you will be able to play it on PC and your Vita with the same characters.

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The story is too old to be commented.