Why Xbox One concerns are overblown

Philip Morton, Thunderbolt writes:
Microsoft’s handling of the Xbox One launch has been a PR disaster. By sending mixed and confusing messages, it looks like they’ve been making it up as they go along, reacting to gamers’ concerns without effectively making their case.

But the scale of concern over privacy, connectivity and game ownership is disproportionate and largely unreasonable.

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dedicatedtogamers2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Same could be said for PS3, and yet the media sure wasn't letting go of disproportionate issues like "it's just a Blu Ray player. No gamez!" and "you have to install games? Pass". Ironic that both of these are now a part of the Xbox One experience.

You know what? This guy might be right. Maybe gamers on the internet are blowing it out of proportion, but the real nightmare begins once this thing hits store shelves, and when the same people who couldn't understand Wii-U was a new console get a hold of this, there's going to be a riot in the streets over all the restrictions and hurdles of Xbox One.

jimbobwahey2013d ago

The concerns are not overblown at all. If you do any research into how Microsoft treats customers that they have overcharged or are unable to access content that has disappeared from their download history, you'll see that the concerns are actually nowhere near as loud as they should be.

Microsoft are a horrifically anti-consumer company that don't think twice about breaking the law in the pursuit of bleeding every last penny out of their customers.

I sincerely hope that they encounter a disaster with the Xbox One that's significant enough to force them to abandon the console gaming industry, because they're a cancer upon it and a danger to all consumers. The sooner that they're gone, the better.

Sitdown2013d ago

Yeah, cause it makes sense to move toward a monopoly in gaming.

Garbanjo0012013d ago


It's not exactly a Monopoly. If XB can hang that is great, it's another console for PS4 to compete with. However, if no one buys an XBO then it's going to amplify the sales for PS4. That's not a monopoly. A monopoly is where one company seeks to take over all forms of retail, tries to take over the game market by buying markets (game companies, production companies). Like Wal-Mart, trying to take over all grocery stores, entertainment stores, clothing stores... etc. MS just turned into Wal-Mart of technology and gaming. They are greedy, they are powerful and they are dangerous to gaming because of the hands that they have in so many different pockets.

I understand your point, but I think it's wrong. . . and I have an XB sitting in my living room.

4Sh0w2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )


nah, I can't take you seriously every single thing you say is always pro sony, hate Microsoft. I say that because everything you say about Microsoft above I can go find examples of sony doing the same but you ONLY bash Microsoft.

On topic, yes I feel its being overblown, personally I think its going to be a great console just like ps4, but unlike some I'm optimistic, like competition and don't want "one" to win.

btw last time I checked plenty of totally biased people still have 2 or more different brand consoles, actually that statement is very common right before they spew garbage everywhere, sort of like "talking points" politicians use, owning a xbox or a playstation and being a total fanboy who chooses either side are not mutualy exclusive.

nukeitall2013d ago


"A monopoly is where one company seeks to take over all forms of retail, tries to take over the game market by buying markets (game companies, production companies)."

That is incorrect. What you are describing is at best monopolize, the attempt of becoming a monopoly. Which is technically the goal of every company, because at that point is able to maximize profit.

Depending on what background you talk about, monopoly can mean the single producer of a product in market, the one with the most power, the majority or the one which controlls the market. In most discussions though, it is the latter definition that is usually meant.

This means that even though the Wii has the biggest marketshare right now, it isn't a monopoly. The PS2 during it's heyday was a monopoly, and so is Windows.

Walmart is not a monopoly, because there are plenty of competitor close to it's size such as Target (in the US) while also, it doesn't control the grocery store, entertainment store, or even clothing store.

"They are greedy, they are powerful and they are dangerous to gaming because of the hands that they have in so many different pockets."


I really suggest you do some real research, before repeating things you hear from others.

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Sitdown2013d ago

I just find it humorous that those who log onto this site numerous times a day complain about the internet requirement.....and what happens if there internet goes down for more than a about go outside, pick up a book. Not defending Microsoft policies.....but some people could benefit by taking a break from gaming.

YNWA962013d ago

They take a break from gaming, 24/7 and spend that time here bitching and complaining. This is todays generation, I work, coach my sons soccer team, drink a lil and enjoy a lil gaming.... People get hysterical here... Its too much for them to just buy a console and enjoy it, but all they can do is bitch bitch bitch.... Yet everyday all levels of government do something bad, corruption and so on, million times worse than MS, and they say nothing....

jer11222013d ago Show
Dlacy13g2013d ago

@jer1122... Dude... pipe down with the personal attack. Name calling un-called for.

Angeljuice2013d ago

Hey, I'm here on my smartphone, my internet's been down for months now (too many other bills to pay atm).

Sitdown2013d ago

Typically when someone results to name calling, it shows their inability to hold an intelligent conversation, so they turn to bully tactics due to returning to a primitive state. Normally I would just ignore them because clearly they are incapable of being open to any point outside their linear thinking.....but hey, I am bored, so open to being entertained. If my home Internet goes down for that long, I would just us the hot spot feature on my phone, if I am moving, I would have appointments in place well before hand...and if it still took that long, I would just understand life does not always offer comfort 24/7,and I can return to games on my current console. Here is a thought...if you have that great of a concern, then the system might just not be for you. Don't purchase a luxury car if you can't afford the repairs.
Again, not defending the policies, but as a conscious consumer..... I understand potential hardships, and proceed with that understanding. As far as you spreading your butt? Well that is your own personal issue that I want no part in.....but I would advise you to use protection. Good day ma'am or sir.

JokesOnYou2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

You will likely be able to use your smartphone to tether to X1, verify your console/games and then play offline.

GribbleGrunger2013d ago

Yeah, it's really weird that some people with the internet care about people who haven't got the internet. What's the world coming to?

BABYLEG2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

@anjeljuice sound like you should get your priorities in order. If you have too many bills to pay, and they get cut off.. That's your idiotic fault for taking on more than you can handle. Dont blame ms for your lack of guidance on making right decision. Pick up a second job to Pay your bills instead of being here bitching

people feel entitled to be cater too. Dont bitch that Ms isn't for you.. Just go buy the competition

ShaunCameron2013d ago

@ jer1122

$80 games were a reality for those who owned an N64, Neo-Geo or any 16-bit era console. Coupled with a minimum wage of barely $6/hr and you got to see the true meaning of "luxury". I'm not And that's why a lot of people who grew up in that era LOL @ those who say $60 is too much for video games.

<Whats gonna be next? 80 dollar games>

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jer11222013d ago

Really cause read this if you think were being unreasonable . There is no borrowing a friends game , rentals and to give a game away your friend has to be on friend list more then 30 days this bs, to many rules.

gamertk4212013d ago

I rarely loan games out and only to friends I've known awhile. I also don't rent or borrow games ever, so this doesn't bother me in the least. Lastly, I do trade in games, and I'm used to not getting great value for them anyway, so however they work out their trade-ins is fine by me. None of these are issues for me.

sashimi2013d ago

Well atleast his xbox 360 can still turn on and function after he destroyed kinect lol

HappyWithOneBubble2013d ago

I like watching his vids. Funny guy.

JokesOnYou2013d ago

Proofs in the pudding....I think there are some legit concerns especially regarding drm but I've read a lot more ridiculous "what ifs" related to always on and Kinect so yeah its obvious most of it is overblown but its not unexpected.

Agent_00_Revan2013d ago

Yea, if you think its entertaining now, wait till it hits the stores. I can see the angry parents now

2013d ago
MikeMyers2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )


"Maybe gamers on the internet are blowing it out of proportion, but the real nightmare begins once this thing hits store shelves, and when the same people who couldn't understand Wii-U was a new console get a hold of this"

Ok. So how does this pertain to you? Why don't you focus on 'YOUR' argument and not trying to educate everyone (which is laughable given you have been posting misinformation in the past such as telling everyone it doesn't allow used games). Why do people such as yourself take it upon yourselves to educate us like we're all idiots? We read the same articles you do. N4G isn't exactly the source of facts in the first place. You could have a day long argument here just on VGChart sales for goodness sakes. Besides, you've already told us repeatedly you're not getting one so let them run around clueless, why should it bother you?

It's fear-mongering. Plain and simple. It's the same fear-mongering telling everyone that the government is spying on you with those Kinect cameras like they have nothing better to do. Sure, if you're a young male who likes to pirate goods, make threats online, act like a complete ass when playing multiplayer games you'll make yourself a bigger target. 99% of the other people don't wear tinfoil hats. Again, this is still all controlled at your end. You can turn the bloody thing off but people like you love, just love, to dramatize. All for attention.

Let the system fail on its own. Let's see what consumers want and what they don't want instead of this pressure from those who oppose everything. It's Microsoft's job to prove to us why we should buy it, it's not your job to tell us not to. So stop this holier than thou attitude like you know what's best on how we spend our money.

We live in a world of social media and the ability to have livable worlds and be connected, why not push for that? Why not have another option out there? We don't need 3 console platforms out there doing the same bloody thing. Their vision is to have a camera in every system, to recognize the gamers and adapt to their tastes. To have instant access, to go beyond traditional games of fumbling around trying to get a co-op game going online. To allow 10 other 'family' members to have instant access from another system.

If you don't want to be part of that then go away and don;t let the door hit you on the way out. Nobody is watching you, spying on you, sending you subliminal messages that you have to buy an Xbox One. So speak about yourself and base your decisions on your own needs and stop trying to come out with any excuse under the sun why so and so may not want it, why so and so may not being able to connect, why so and so may have issues with Kinect being on. You worry about your decisions and I'll worry about mine, thank you very much.

I feel sorry for all those people getting sucked into all of this negativity. Just enjoy the games and don't let others try to bring you down. I'm so excited to see more on GT6 for the PS3, I don't care it's not on the Xbox 360. I'm also super excited to see people playing Forza 5, I don't care it's not on the PS4. This is exciting times instead of festering around complaining all day.

xxBiG_BoSSxx2013d ago

"I feel sorry for all those people getting sucked into all of this negativity. Just enjoy the games and don't let others try to bring you down."

Kind of arguing against yourself there. If Dedicated shouldn't care about misinformed consumers why should you care about people being negative towards the xb one? How does it pertain to you?

And this whole tinfoil hat defense is getting old. People don't distrust the government and corporations because they're crazy, they distrust them because the government and corporations have done many things throughout history to make people distrust them.

I don't think the main problem people have is that they fear being spied on by a camera that uploads your likeness to the cloud and tracks your heart rate and eye movement.
I think people, or consumers, have a problem with the removal of choice, even if its a choice they wouldn't make. Without an internet connection, the xb one ceases to play games. The choice, the freedom of not being connected is removed from you. Some may say "why would you not want to be connected?" Well, some people are paranoid, and that's there right. Some really value their privacy. And some people just want to play games, and don't care about facebook or youtube or n4g or whatever else the internet does.(I left out porn cuz everybody cares about porn)

And how does this pertain to me personally?
I'm a gamer, and so is my friend, James(fake name). James owns a ps3 because I own one and he played it at my house. James saved for a while to buy it. So? James does not have an internet connection. James does not own a smartphone. and yet James is still happy. james can play games. The future looks bleak for James. For all we know, things could end up very similar on Sonys end. Thats how this pertains to me. Its not an xbox vs playstation thing. Its a consumer rights thing. And I think what Microsoft is for sure doing and what Sony might be doing is very bad for the gaming industy.

002013d ago

I hope the servers get hacked and taken down for a month so all the people that supported the xbox one can be happy knowing that they bought the most expensive paper weight ever.

AzombieAteMyDog2013d ago

A paper weight that can play blu-ray/dvd movies. :D

Hicken2013d ago

I don't hope it happens, because it would suck for many people on many levels.

At the same time, though, something like that may be the ONLY way get some people to open their eyes.

rainslacker2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I would never hope for something like that to happen. I want people to be happy with their purchases and not really have to jump through hoops or be disappointed in the gaming industry.

However, I have a feeling it will happen. How big a thing it becomes depends on how good MS is on preventing it, and how quickly they can respond to it. Sony had several issues which kept it down for a month. The actual hack was only for a couple hours.

Sadly, I do have to agree with Hicken. A lot of people are OK with this, saying "it doesn't affect me". But one day they may realize in a very real way how it actually does affect them, maybe sooner, maybe later, but the eventuality will come. Gaming on consoles is just becoming too complicated. It's really going to be hard to have sympathy for those that have none now. I will feel bad for the people that put their trust in MS because they don't keep up with this stuff, and remain naive to how these things work.

MajorLazer2013d ago

It is not overblown! I certainly do not want such practises to be industry standard. I have a basic right to ownership and privacy, and anyone threatening does not deserve a purchase, simple as. I hope others follow and don't support such acts.

otherZinc2013d ago

It's overblown, M$ is bringing the goods, SONY fans are the net n drinking hateraid.

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KillrateOmega2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Maybe they are. Maybe they are not. It depends on the individual.

Personally, based on current information, I see the Xbox One as being a more restrictive and inferior console than the PS4. I see no reason to buy it.

I feel sad for the people who only have a cursory knowledge of Xbox One, ignorant to the fine print. I feel sad, because a day will come when they try and trade in a game, try to lend it to some friends, or try to take the Xbox One to an area with little to no internet connectivity and they'll end up getting hit in the face by these restrictions.

EDIT: Um...maybe there is something wrong with my laptop, but it appears, to me at least, that we all have experienced an increase in bubble count. It says that I have 5 bubbles. Am I missing something here?

rextraordinaire2013d ago

I believe they probably increased the basic bubble count so that everyone can have in-depth discussions for E3. Got 5 too now.

Or maybe it's a bug.

-Mika-2013d ago

Nope, it not a error. I have 5 bubbles too. Now i can finally reply to people who attack me.

gamer422013d ago

You have 5 bubbles now?
Well, this should be interesting...

Saints942013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Seems that fuel to the fire of E3 has been added, chance now that N4G will explode into a Black hole After today.

GodGinrai2013d ago

oh yeah, you can bet on that.

stuna12013d ago

After E3, everyone is going to be down to 1 bubble laugh out loud.

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urwifeminder2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Just goes in one ear and out your mother for me I am getting one please don't cry for me Argentina its my choice with pc I got used to drm this will be no different, I have noticed not much else is getting comments apart from MS articles good stuff,lol just went from one bubble to five I was happy at one no chance to reply.

Hicken2013d ago

In one ear and out your mother?

gamertk4212013d ago

I like it. Its got a beat, you can dance to it.

Majin-vegeta2013d ago

It's not being overblown.

Off topic:anyone else notice everyone is back to 5 bubbles??O_O

Commandar_Shepard2013d ago

The concerns are definitely justified.

OT: Yes I noticed that. My bubbles actually went up so I'm enjoying this :D

2013d ago
HappyWithOneBubble2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Yeah I notice the bubbles too. I had 2 last night now 5.

Godmars2902013d ago

Pre-E3 mod cleansing? Giving out room for some to hang themselves?

Agent_00_Revan2013d ago

This will allow the Xbox fanboys to troll That much harder. Sigh...

gamertk4212013d ago

The Sony trolling is much more prevalent, and don't you dare act like it's not.

rainslacker2013d ago

They reset everyone's bubbles to at least 5. At first I was like cool, maybe it will make for some good discussions, then I started reading comments. Place was going to be bad enough after E3, but now...I'm really scared...will you hold me? :D

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Corpser2013d ago

Very off topic but why does everyone have 5 bubbles now?

RiPPn2013d ago

Good observation. hrmm

greenpowerz2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

A bug... trust me I can't use more than one bubble.

On topic...

People don't like major change. MSFT has always dragged the industry into to the future kicking and screaming.

-I remember MSFT dragging gamers into the broadband future of gaming(Xbox only used broadband and it made gamers angry and they worried just like people are now not having internet today with DRM on Xbox one).

-I remember MSFT dragging gamers into Multi Player online gaming on consoles kicking and screaming(Gamers hated the idea and Sony publicly blasted MSFT for it

-I remember MSFT dragging gamer into multi media apps on consoles Kicking and Screaming(now all console makers are doing it and would not survive without them)

-I remember MSFT dragging gamers into the 3D motion camera era kicking and Screaming(now the top dogs have similar tech and would not survive without it)

-Achievements(gamers that didn't have them hated the idea until not having it was a mistake)

-Multi Sku's(Made fun of and hated until competition realized they could not survive without multi Sku's)

-Console HDD's(people hated consoles were becoming like PC's until the market content would require them and would kill a console without them)

-Patches(People hated that consoles were becoming like PC until the industry liked the idea of games being fixed or changed)

-Market place(seen as a waste until the success of it forcing competition to come up with their own version)

-Arcade market(simple games with basic graphics or non big budget games was hated at first)

-User created games

The PlayStation base is taking advantage of people's natural frustration of change and making it worse.

DRM(hated at first but gamers will realize they will get motr quality games for cheaper and most likely more exclusives


Just tested it again...

Now I can use more than one bubble but the system is still confused saying I used up all my bubbles after my second comment in here.

Edit 2....

Nope it's a bug. tried to further back up my facts in the Forza 5 trailer article and it won't let me reply, saying I used up my bubbles.

Hit and miss bug I guess

stuna12013d ago

Some of the things you listed weren't just being done by Microsoft at the time! You make it seem like Microsoft was revolutionizing the face of gaming, when in truth a lot of their ideas were someone else's ideal.

gamertk4212013d ago

Sony fanboys really can't stand you, lol. That's alright, I got your back.

wishingW3L2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )


rainslacker2013d ago

shh...if he thinks he can only use one bubble that's a good thing.

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