E3 2013: Thunderbolt’s ridiculous predictions from around the multiverse

Matthew Sawrey, Thunderbolt writes:
The multiverse. Infinite universes existing all at once with every possible eventuality that could ever occur as a result of the physical laws of nature, occurring in parallel.

It’s the intoxicating scientific theory that formed the basis for Bioshock Infinite’s sci-fi premise earlier this year, but it also presents some interesting possibilities for the biggest videogame expo of the year.

Somewhere, in a universe far away, very close, maybe even in the very same co-ordinates that the atoms constituting your fleshy mass currently reside, the good, the great and the not so great of the videogame industry will gather in the LA convention center, and Geoff Keighley will don his finest blazer-jeans combo for that most glorious of gaming events, E3.

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