Three Underrated Games You Should Be Playing

In the last decade, video games have become more popular than ever. Sitting in front of your TV with a controller in hand is no longer seen as something just for the social outcasts. While this newfound acceptance has led to countless great games being produced for the masses, a larger market means that unfortunately, games have begun to cater to the lowest common denominator.

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Xof1985d ago

lol, I first read that as "Three Uncharted games you should be playing."

abzdine1985d ago

i bought Alpha Protocol day one and never had the chance to try it! maybe one day!

tacotruck1985d ago

It really is worth it. The dialogue system is great and some of the responses Thornton can give to other characters are brilliant.

zeroskie1985d ago

I heard the game was buggy. Did they ever fix it via patch?

Wni01984d ago

condemned: criminal origins