CVG: System Shocks - Are demanding system specs forcing PC game sales on a downward spiral?

CVG writes: "People who go on about the death of PC gaming are a bit like those who stand on a street corner screaming about the end of the world. But after hearing the death knells for the umpteenth time, you do start to worry that perhaps the doomsayers are on to something.

After all, who can turn a blind eye to the performance of PC games in 2007? In a year of fantastic releases, sales were low. According to official stats Crysis, one of the year's most anticipated titles, only sold 86,633 copies in the US in its first month of release (although sales have reportedly leapt lately, with EA claiming one million sold), while Unreal Tournament 3 amassed just 33,995.

Meanwhile the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare shifted over 1.57 million."

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solar3586d ago

crysis is way ahead of its time in respect to hardware.

ut3 besides the vehicles, feels like the first ut

and piracy being number 1. if its available for free somewhere on the interwebs...the pirates will find it.