Which Next-Gen Platform and Why?

Staff at This Is My Joystick discuss which next generation console they will be buying and why.

Will it be PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, or a shiny upgraded PC? Or has it just all become too much for us, resulting in us being quietly retired to a spot by the sea in Bournemouth?

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MNGamer-N1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

WiiU/3DS + PS4/Vita would be the dream combo... I am going to be hurt and saddened if Sony decides to follow suit with the DRM issues. Then I think I might stick with my WiiU. I LOVE owning physical copes of my games.

Tiqila1986d ago

i swear to got i will buy a wii u iff sony goes drm!

urwifeminder1986d ago

Pc is a beast all I need now is xboxone and a wii u and I am covered.

NameRemoved00171986d ago

PC games like crysis 1 from 2007 look better than brand new console games.

Automatic791986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Xbox has always had a better online and the blockbuster games that I want. Xbox One on day one and the other consoles later.

loulou1986d ago

if m$ dont show too many kinect games tomorrow, then i will buy both before the year is out.. both day 1 actually

oscarcat591986d ago

xbox one to me looks more interesting because of the Kinect,media playing ablility and the type of games I like to play. Then the ps4 if I see enough games I would enjoy. the wwi-u at this time does not interest me.

Captain Qwark 91986d ago

Same here. X1 day 1 for me too. Then ps4 early next year. Having a 360/ps3 did me well for many years. No reason not to get both again but I still prefer my Xbox and I dint see that changing for next Gen either so x1 is first.

plus I think the x1 looks awesome and im not really bothered by the drm as long as they don't have many connection issues and just in case something goes out with my internet I am able to go through my phone still

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The story is too old to be commented.