OXM's Top 5 Scariest Games of All Time

OXM writes:

"As I've begun to (slowly -- I can only handle one level at a time before I get creeped out) make my way through Condemned 2: Bloodshot, I've been reminded of other scary games I've soiled my couch while playing. They've been impossible for me to forget, both because of their awesomeness and the permanent freaky scars they've left on my psyche."

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TheExecutive3676d ago

silent hill should have been on there

Homicide3675d ago

Agreed. Silent Hill 2 is by far one of the scariest games I've played. The one game that I need to play with a night light.

BilI Gates3676d ago

Worst list ever. It seems to me like they've only just started playing horror games or something and they're already making a "Top 5 of all time" list. Tsk tsk.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

IntelligentAj3676d ago

Where is the original Resident Evil?

videogamer3676d ago

yeah, u right, RE should be on the list. the damn ammos

Skerj3676d ago

Wtf, Thief wasn't scary!! Ryan McCaffrey your list sucks!! What's a scary game list without Silent Hill and Fatal Frame? A weak one that's what, at least he has Condemned and SSII on there.

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The story is too old to be commented.