The Next Smash Bros. Will Have A Trailer During Nintendo's E3 Direct Presentation

We've known that the next Super Smash Bros. would at least be discussed next week at E3, but a recent Tweet from series director Masahiro Sakurai confirms that we will see video of the game during Nintendo's E3 Direct presentation.

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CaptainYesterday2014d ago

There are so many things I'm looking forward to at E3 but Super Smash Bros is getting me all worked up! Finally a portable Super Smash Bros, it seems like only yesterday I was in the school yard talking to friends about how awesome a Super Smash Bros on GBA would be!

ZodTheRipper2014d ago

I prefer Smash Bros. on a big TV against 3 friends.

Zodiac2014d ago

How many games these days can really get you excited for local play besides smash bros?

I'm getting it on 3DS as well, but it's almost going to feel wrong playing the 3DS version.

Starbucks_Fan2013d ago

I can't wait to see how the 3DS and Wii U versions will work together as I plan to get both

Kevlar0092013d ago

I keep forgetting it will be on 3DS. If they would just make an exclusive 2D Metroid for it I would finally get one

muffinbutton2013d ago

Its a first day buy for me :)

truechainz2013d ago

me too! and I heard a rumor that goku is in it which I don't believe is true, but how crazy would that be!

AWBrawler2013d ago

keep Goku out of it. it's game characters only and Goku is so overrated here in America

ZeekQuattro2013d ago

Its possible. Bandai Namco is making the game after all. I wouldn't mind Goku. I loved playing DBZ characters in Ultimate Jump Super Stars.

thomasmiller2013d ago

I heard a rumor, that there could be 50 characters, that the producer changed his mind, and said that there could be 50 instead of 35. we find out tomorrow!!! hope it is 50!

ZeekQuattro2013d ago

I hope the rumor pans out. The more the merrier in my book. The Wii U is so much more powerful than the Wii was and that should leave more than enough room to add more content such as characters, stages, or what ever.

Dravidian2012d ago

I think 50 is a bit much from a balancing point of view. I mean of the 35 we got in Brawl, several were clones/variations of gameplay styles.Falcon/Ganon, wolf/falco/fox, lucas/ness, link/toon link and to a lesser extent mario/luigi. If you make those character even more different or just replace them and you have about 6 "new" characters while maintaining the 35 character count.

I'm personally hoping for a 40-42 character roster. 6 remade characters and 5-7 new(ish) challengers (all in HD goodness) sounds good to me.

Hopefully Mew-three/drei-mew/whatever, Lloyd, Shulk/Rein, Saki, Bayonetta, or any combination of those characters get in. There better not be too many 3rd parties though. 3-4 is good enough and Sonic is guaranteed on of those spots.

thomasmiller2012d ago

well no big number yet, but MEGA MAN!!! OH YEAH!!!THE characters you picked are great too, and i will throw in pac man, Namco would be crazy not to put him in there!!

thomasmiller2011d ago

(sigh!) just went to nintendo everything website, the trainer from wii u fit is going to be in the game.. SIGH, please nintendo, no throw away characters like lucas and wolf, please we have had enough of those, give us LITTLE MAC, FROM PUNCH OUT, HOW ABOUT KING HIPPO? THE EGG PLANT WIZARD, RIDLEY, CAPTAIN N' FROM THE CARTOON SHOW!! CHARACTERS WE REALLY WANT!!! the trainer from wii fit u? if this is what the rest of the nintendo characters are lining up to be, maybe 35 ain't so bad, whose next, the professor from the brain age games? prof. IGGADS? come on nintendo, you can do better!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2013d ago

Does anybody know if Zero-Suit Samus was a Hit in Smash Bros. BRAWL?

I mostly play Samus when I play SSB and it was nice to have multiple versions.

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