New Commentators for Madden 09

The radio announcer will be gone from the Madden franchise with 09 and commentators will return. They will apparently be some of the "biggest names in the business". But who specifically will end up in the booth?

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DarkSniper3707d ago

EA finally makes a progressing step in the Madden franchise. However, Dark Sniper will forego this game on PLAYSTATION® 3 if EA Sports intentionally develops the game at 30 frames per second again.

While this is great news, the news that Sony Snipers are awaiting is if this game will finally run at a 60fps like it's XBOX 360 counterpart.


smokeymicpot3707d ago

This is the new feature this year in madden i guess.

DEADEND3707d ago

Another year, another Madden.

Alcohog3707d ago

I bet Aikmen and someone. He is a good commentator, but I forever hate him.

Dallas sucks!

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