Start Your Engines: 'GT5P Not A Significant Advancement Beyond the Gorgeous PS3 Visuals'

Theage writes:

"It's 2am and my hand is aching. I keep swapping between using the right thumbstick and the buttons to accelerate and brake, but both are equally painful.

I can't help wondering what the hell I'm doing this for. I've driven more laps in previous Gran Turismo instalments than all other driving games put together, and GT5 Prologue so far doesn't feel like a significant advance beyond the gorgeous PS3 visuals.

Clearly, Gran Turismo has an annoyingly intangible yet very special appeal. I want to stop playing and grumble about how Sony is "forcing" fans to pay $60 for a glorified demo."

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sonarus3525d ago

lol @the title. The funny thing is GT isn't perfect but it is still the best we have. And the 10 million ppl who buy each installment will tell you the exact same thing. There are still tons of features i hope to see get added into GT as i am hearing GT5 will be the last installment. I am also hoping there will be some DLC for prologue FREE offcourse.

Considering how much polyphony is going to make from this "demo" alone maybe they could give us more incentive to buy prologue e.g. FREE DLC FOR LIFE if you purchase prologue e.t.c.

I still can't wait for this game and F you brits getting it before NA.

Counter_ACT3525d ago

Shows how much they know, the RRP is $40/£25.

Peekay3525d ago

Australian site, Australian $

Blademask3525d ago

Gorgeous Visuals?

Now its "Ok.. the game looks photorealistic... BUT..." LoL. As far as I'm concerned its more than any system can currently do, and the gameplay is awesome.

Yeah that list of what the PS3 cant do keeps getting smaller and smaller. So I expect to see this coming down to the wire. "WHAT SYSTEM HAS BETTER SCREWS INSIDE!" GT5 is photo realistic, Its what PS3 owners and GT fans want. For damage and other treats, theres always GRID an AMAZING multiplatform title.

The quote is such flame bait, no one is falling for it because people are actually reading the article to see the praises. GT isn't perfect, but its the closest thing to Perfection.

CaliGamer3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Are blogs allowed as news? I know many submit them but are they technically considered news according to the rules on this site?

I'm just sayin.

Time Lord3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I thought these kinda blogs are not considered news.

kira9893525d ago

But it can still be considered... It should be known that this is a blog post and thus someones opinion, and we should be able to comment about this person's position on the matter...

zslash3525d ago

It's not news, that's why the poster filed this under "Preview"

So there is nothing wrong with it.

BilI Gates3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

It isn't $60 and this "glorified demo" has more content than most of the other racing games that get released these days. Have fun waiting till next year for the full version while I get to enjoy Prologue this week.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

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The story is too old to be commented.