Microsoft at E3: One Red Ring to Rule Them All

Gamnesia: The Gamnesia staff has come together to discuss Microsoft's E3 prospects. Can the Xbox One rebound after a bumpy reveal? What exclusives are coming to Microsoft's new console? We bring our collective thoughts to the (round)table, offering our opinions on the latest Xbox. We also take a few stabs on the dark, predicting how Microsoft's E3 conference will affect the public, and how the public will affect Microsoft.

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urwifeminder1931d ago

Fair article but in the end just more speculation I will certainly have amnesia when it comes to remembering this site for future game news.

WeaseL1931d ago

Hope they have turned on the XB1 today or they will not be able to demo the games tomorrow.

Mikelarry1931d ago

i see what you did there lol

nix1931d ago

let's hope also that they get steady online connection there. not to forget, let's hope they brought the right disc.

Angeljuice1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

It was asking for the opinions of the staff, of course its speculation!

Red_Devilz1931d ago

IMHO, the only way Microsoft can win E3 (and make a comeback in next-gen race) is if shoots themselves in foot, just like M$ did last month.

In other words, to make M$ survive next-gen, all Sony has to say is, "We will do exactly same things as Xbone"

RiPPn1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

No amount of "shiny objects" are going to take my mind off this abomination. Even if Sony does somehow blow it, it won't make the Xbone any better, it will just mean I go Wii U and PC for my gaming needs.