New Metal Gear Online screenshots

konami published new Metal Gear Solid Online screenshots.

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mighty_douche3221d ago

Is it me or has there been a sudden injection of colour (yes colour, im english)??

Or do i need to big up my dealer?

fenderputty3221d ago

I thought everything looked good. The textures look great for online too. I'm super stoked on this. Like Sonarus ... can't freaking wait.

Lifendz3221d ago

everything doesn't look to be one shade of tan or green. Glad to see they injected some color.

sonarus3221d ago

oh MGS4. Why 2 months away:(

mighty_douche3221d ago

Human Crossbow? lol...

Look at the HUD theres a symbol of a dude flying through the air! Mental..

eagle213221d ago

An interesting weapon takes the cake in this batch of screens. :)

cmrbe3221d ago

knows a way i can time travel or perhaps suspended animation?. Man this wait is killing me.

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The story is too old to be commented.