E3 2013: What to Expect from Nintendo

The House of Mario will have plenty to show off at E3 on Tuesday. Here’s what Talkingship's expecting, ranging from an HD Zelda game for Wii U to a new 3DS model.

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Commandar_Shepard2016d ago

I'm actually really excited for Nintendo's E3:

1) A new 3D Mario, come on you know this will be amazing
2) Retro's New Game: It's been hiding way too long, time to reveal it.

urwifeminder2016d ago

I will check out what they have to offer keen to get a console at the end of the year.

--Onilink--2016d ago

Wow... Such a terrible article.. 3DS sales tanking by the minute?? More like selling like crazy? Zelda wii U releasing early next year?? Maybe in your dreams.. That thing is not even coming in 2014 at all.

Seems like a poorly informes website

Shaxster2016d ago

You're right about the 3DS sales sentence: our mistake. Thanks for letting us know! We're not counting out Zelda U entirely though...we have a feeling we'll see something at E3.

tweet752015d ago

hoping for kid icarus wii u and metroid prime 4 reveal for holiday 2013 release

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