PC Gamer’s most anticipated games of E3 2013

PC Gamer - The Monster Hunter series is one of those franchises that is huge in Japan, and yet rarely discussed in the western world. Not to say it doesn’t have its followers outside of Japan, it just doesn’t sell nearly as well, and for good reason: Monster Hunter is one difficult, time consuming, beast of a game.

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Veni Vidi Vici2011d ago

The author loses all credibility when he says he wants lag compensation for BF4. Lag comp is in COD BO2 and it's HORRIBLE.

I routinely find myself getting killed by people I haven't seen yet when coming around corners only to see on the kill cam that they had already come around the corner and had plenty of time to see me. The bullets don't hit as hard with lag comp, as well. When the lag comp isn't hitting me as hard, I'll have huge matches and be called a cheater but then when I get compensated, I struggle to have a 1:1 KD ratio. I have pings around 60-90 so it's not lag. It's a HUGE difference and it ruins the game.

I'm not planning on buying COD because of the BS lag compensation. If BF4 starts using it, I won't be buying that game either.

Bobbo442011d ago

Battlefield 3 has lag compensation too? Most modern games do. At least BF3 gives you the option of turning it off. Just look under I think it is gameplay options it has a network smoothing bar.