OXM: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

OXM writes: "It's very hard to decide whether Rainbow Six Vegas 2's minimal advancement in any area beyond 2006's Rainbow Six Vegas is a rare case that supports the maxim, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", or a disappointing lack of will and effort. But to save yourself a lengthy internal dispute, let's cut straight to the chase and tell you that it really doesn't matter that much. Rainbow Six Vegas was a brilliant game and just a little over a year later Rainbow Six Vegas 2 brings us another campaign in a slightly more brilliant game. To spurn it for failing to reinvent the flashbang in this iteration would be churlish, and you'd not only be biting off your nose to spite your face, but punching yourself in the knackers to reprimand your little soldier.

Yes, it's visually identical to the first Vegas game and while still handsome, it's starting to look just a tiny bit yesteryear in the texture department. Which it is - Vegas 2 clearly isn't making full use of the latest Unreal technology, but sticking with whatever custom package Ubisoft licensed from Epic last time."

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