E3 2013: What to Expect from Sony

Sony have already held one big event this year, back in February when they revealed the PS4. But make no mistake: this E3 is still a massive deal for the company. It’s their chance to convince us that the PS4 is worth buying: no easy feat. Talkingship's got some ideas for what Sony might show us on Monday.

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mushroomwig2011d ago

'The End of PS+'

Not a chance, Sony will expand the PS+ service, not end it.

Heisenburger2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I made sure to re-up my subscription today so that if they announce more freebies for current users, as they did last year, I'll get to take advantage of it/them.

Worst case? They don't announce anything EXTRA and I get to download UC3 and LBP Karting the next day.


Edit: +well said

RiPPn2011d ago

Earlier this year they gave everyone with a plus account a free $10 credit, so you never know.

razrye2011d ago

So according to this article the gaming world revolves around Microsoft?

Conzul2011d ago

The world's PERCEPTION of gaming revolves around Microsoft. Well, in the US and UK, at any rate.

When I mention "Playstation" to my friends, it does the same thing to their minds that the word "tragedy" does: It's something they've never experienced and probably never want to. Only 'cus I live in the US though.

I gotta go play around EU sometime.

muffinbutton2011d ago

Nothing short of greatness

GodGinrai2011d ago

games games games!...and of course we will finally get to see what it looks like!

Count2011d ago

Yes, this will be interesting to see.

GodGinrai2011d ago

I would hope they do a white one at launch this time. They always release them when Im not in the market for buying a new console.

DigitallyAfflicted2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Not much to do for SONY:

1 Show us console,
2 Price and date of release,
3 Make clear - used games policies,
4 Show more games.


Hanso2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I Hope price is 400€ then i will buy my ps4 day 1 together with Infamous second son

toxic-inferno2011d ago

This is the same for me. As long as it is a little cheaper than the PS3 at launch, I'll be getting it day one. Otherwise, Sony will have to wait a bit longer for my money.

Also hoping for a PS Vita/PS4 combo package...

Commandar_Shepard2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Lets see:

1) Opening Montage
2) Greeting and overview, officially show the PS4, go over additional features
3) Infamous: Second Son Demo, announcement that it is a launch title
4) Short Killzone: Shadow Fall Demo in a different location
5) Drive Club Trailer
6) Destiny Demo, Releases March 2014
7) Announcement of Stig's (Sony Santa Monica's) new game. 2014 Release
8) Ready at Dawn PS4 Title Announcement, 2014
9) Syphon Filer PS4 by Sony Bend, 2014
10) GT6 Trailer, Releases November 2013 (this may come earlier in the show)
11) Partnership with Notch, Minecraft coming to PS4, PS3, and Vita this fall and Scrolls coming later.
12) God of War Vita
13) Infamous Vita
14) Souls game for Vita
15) Final Fantasy Vs 13 Renamed FF15, coming exclusively to PS4 in 2014.
16) MGS5 Demo, coming to PS4 (not exclusively) 2014
17) The Last Guardian Coming to PS4 in 2014
18) PS4 will release November 1, 2013 for both $349 and $399 (A Vita price drop will be announced earlier in the conference)

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The story is too old to be commented.