Tekken Revolution Producer Comments On Why The Fighter Is PS3 Only

Series creator, Katsuhiro Harada, tells fans to "ask Microsoft" about a 360 version of the newly announced free-to-play Tekken Revolution.

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abzdine1898d ago

great answer from Harada san.
Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot!

tehpees31898d ago

Not surprising really. It seems like Microsoft expect AAA games to carry their systems forever. They claim to want to compete in other areas of games yet their online policies for indies and companies adopting free to play games is angering developers.

shoddy1898d ago

Xbox is for shoota.

Why o why1898d ago

From what I've seen, ms don't really like to do free. From map packs to ugc, there's been instances where ms has turned down the chance to gift their customers.

jc485731898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

what saddens me is that Microsoft owes a lot to their fans. I know friends who are very happy with their 360 console and have been supporting it for a long time, but see how microsoft treats them back? Lies.

ShinMaster1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

PS3 versions sometimes sell twice as much.

Oh and Microsoft doesn't like free stuff, I guess.

PurpHerbison1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Sales... maybe... but ShinMaster, as far as the FGC is concerned. That is not true. The one console that you wanted to play fighting games on this gen unfortunately was the Xbox 360. That is, if you are playing the fighting games worth playing, and by worth, I mean the ones with the biggest cash prizes for 1st place. Marvel3 can't even run at a steady pace on PS3 and SF4 on PS3 has 1 extra frame of input delay. How fitting that the only real exception to this is Tekken. Tekken naturally runs better on the PS3.

ShinMaster1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

The FACT is, more people are playing SSFIV, Tekken, BlazBlue, UMvC3, etc on PlayStation platforms than Xbox. No question about it.
That was my point. You got off-topic.

abzdine1898d ago

yes and PS3 controller is much better for fighting games.

Enemy1898d ago

Microsoft can't accept their customers actually enjoying something for free.

Baka-akaB1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

The frame delay issue is well known on SF4 and a reason why some pros when playing the game online do it on xbox instead and indeed ps3 Marvel does lag , but in rather specific occurrences .

It still doesnt change the fact that the communities are mostly on ps3 , the big tourneys were still mostly held on ps3 and well those games are pretty much the only two ones with such issues .

SFTX was better on ps3 , along with every other fighting games franchise that ran better or equal .

pixelsword1898d ago

Basically, it bombed on the 360 because DoA is the 360's choice, from what I understand.

Baka-akaB1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

But dead or Alive 5 sold better on ps3 and TTT2 360 sold more than DOA5 on 360 . The market just isnt usually as big on 360 for fighting games than on PS3 . Almost all fighting games sell better on ps3 in comparison

Divine1898d ago

i want our tekken back exclusively to us, playstation fans.

douevenlift1898d ago

lol if anyone thinks Microsoft executives sit around all day wondering how they can repay their loyal customers, you're one seriously optimistic idealist. Microsoft executives sit around all day wondering one thing - how can I get a bigger bonus this year?

You don't grow revenue and profits by giving things away for free. You just don't. They know damn well they have their fans by the balls, and Msoft fans are as rabid as it gets, and will choke down whatever it is Microsoft shoves in their face.

Ritsujun1898d ago

Moneysucker-MS never liked free stuff, that's why.

Cueil1897d ago

Yeah... then where is the PC version or the Wii U version... BS answer

abzdine1897d ago

@ Cueil

The guy asked about 360 didnt he? So dont get mad!

Greatness awaits

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GamersRulz1898d ago

MS didn't allow him because they are still looking the word "FREE" at the dictionary!

JoySticksFTW1897d ago

I heard that if you stand in front of a mirror at night and say "Free" five times,

Steve Ballmer appears!

"Nothing's for FREE!! RAghhh!!!"

And he steals your soul!

Go on, I dare any of you to say it. I triple-dog dare you!




Muffins12231897d ago

This guy looks like a lame fatter version of Adam Jensen

blind-reaper1897d ago

he looks like a ESE-holmes-vatoloco straight from LA.

Skips1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Given how stupidly restrictive the One will be. I definitely don't see many F2P games on it.

Are any of the F2P games announced for the PS4 coming to the Xbox One?

godslayer4291898d ago

@sonic not that i know of, there pc and ps4

warframe,dc universe,planetside2, war machine. maybe this tekken game? idk i assure you there will be more.

firelogic1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Everquest 2. Wouldn't Guild Wars 2 (you have to buy the game but the sub is free) on PS4 be great?

Skips1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Looks like PS4 is gonna rule the console F2P market. lol


Wait wait wait... I have seen rumors about Everquest Next maybe coming for PS4, where did you get Everquest 2 is coming to any console? If indeed true, that great news considering we have no idea if Everquest Next is going to still release this year.

A 2013 release for EverQuest Next was implied in January by John Smedley but back at PAX they said their future plans for EverQuest franchise will only be fully revealed in August 1, a unusually narrow window for reveal and release.

True_Samurai1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

There will be f2p play games on the x1but none has been announced yet. It was already confirmed by MS that they will start providing f2p games. You can Google or Bing it

mrmarx1898d ago

they are not really free to play when you have to pay for live service lol

Qrphe1898d ago

>bing it

What an obvious shill, joined before the reveal as well, how convenient

MrDead1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

How can you have F2P games on the Xbox when you have to pay to play on Xbox live?

True_Samurai1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

@Qrphe just because I use different engines doesn't mean I'm a shill. I've been becoming coming to this site for years. Obviously you're the ultimate shill you like to spread negatives. I lost my password to my original and opened this account months ago back in April I believe so yea get off these nuts hoe

nunley331897d ago

LMAO Bing, that's the first time anyone here actually heard someone say "Bing it" without it being a joke. You could literally talk to a 1000 people all telling you do an internet search and never hear that, about as ridiculous as suggesting ask jeeves lol.

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KachloCZ1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

PS4 F2P games - PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, War Thunder: Ground Forces, Blacklight: Retribution, Warframe hmm

Xbox One F2P Games - Zero!

HammadTheBeast1898d ago

Well they do have this pay to win Happy Wars on xblive currently.

lodossrage1898d ago

True, Microsoft does have Happy Wars and is free to play on Live. But it's not free if you have to Pay for the right to play it beforehand (xbox live gold)

It's in the same vein that Playstation Plus "free" games are actually game rentals you keep for as long as you subscribe to plus.

So if Happy Wars was TRULY F2P, it would be like Sony's F2P MMO games, as in not having to pay a cover charge to play them.

Rockefellow1898d ago


You need to calm down, bud. He clearly made a joke, calling it "pay to win." Defense force doesn't need to be in full-swing all the time, you know-- casualties ensue, like poor Hammad.

lodossrage1898d ago

What the hell are you talking about with "calm down" nonsense?

Nobody is even mad. All I was doing is explaining a point. No "defense force" BS necessary.

You'd be better off telling me to "calm down" for this comment I'm replying to you with

Thatlalala1898d ago

I have played 4 of those games already and stopped for a reason. I have 8 free games on my Xbox right now, two of which I got this year... Just sayin.

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MakiSaad21898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

DC universe and Planetside 2 are developed by SOE sony online entertainment so I highly doubt they would be announced on any xbox console and the rest of the F2P nothing were announced about the xbox version

Ashunderfire861898d ago

Short answer... No. Not even Planetside 2.

MikeMyers1898d ago

They have also tested it on the Xbox 360 but for only XBLA games

Perhaps he wanted Silver Live members to have access and MS said no?

Rip-Ridah1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Keep in mind that there is a free version of DOA 5 Ultimate coming out for free on the PS3 exclusively as well:

jc485731897d ago

actually they just announce F2P game called Blacklight Retribution for the PS4 exclusively. Some kind of shooter I believe.

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strigoi8141898d ago

Coz sony can provide free stuff

Felonycarclub81898d ago

Am glad Sony is Doing everything possible to bring us as many games as they can to the playstation family.

Mikelarry1898d ago

because the playstation is about gaming not an expensive unwanted DVR