Will This Year see Nintendo win E3?

Tuesday is undeniably a very exciting day for Nintendo fans, with Nintendo's big Nintendo Direct presentation for E3 going live. However, it's also a very big day for the future of Nintendo, having been dubbed to have lost E3 last year, all eyes are once again on the Big N to see if they steal the show, in light of recent controversial ideas from the likes of Sony and Microsoft.

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vishmarx2011d ago

among their fans ,,yes as always
other than that i dont see the picture changing

nintendofeed2011d ago

Please don't take it that we seem them as winning because we're fans, as we think Nintendo made a large mess of their show last year, however, we do think they stand a running chance this year.

vishmarx2011d ago

im saying this simply because x is only game different from the lot they usually have(mario,zelda,pokemon,metro id)
im not anti or anything but those definitely wont get them new fans...for someone who has resisted the staple library thus far will continue to do so...

and the competetion makes things worse
talking specifically of e3 and not console itself even microsoft has more to show...

and ps4 well lets just say its already taken round one...
apparently no one but the most hardcore fanboys of 360/wii hate it and some are even deflecting

Xof2011d ago

Nintendo is the kid on the track team that can run faster than anyone else, but always has his shoes untied.

Xof2011d ago

Unless Sony or MS surprise us all with something really cool, I'm of the opinion Nintendo already won. What with Dream Team, Bravely Default, Wind Waker HD, and ALttP2.

Anything else (DRAGON QUEST VII! DRAGON QUEST VII! DRAGON QUEST VII!) would just be icing (DRAGON QUEST VII!) on the (DRAGON QUEST VII!) cake.

The only thing (DRAGON QUEST VII!) I really want from Nintendo (DRAGON QUEST VII!) is a unified account system and better support for the Virtual Console service across all platforms.

As for the Virtual Console, though, I'm not sure how much of that is Nintendo's fault. It could just be that Nintendo is apathetic, and the reason the VC library is so awful is become Square-Enix isn't trying to sell us classic SNES RPGs on any platform (iOS! iOS! iOS!).