Top 10 Most Hilarious E3 Fails

"The Electronics Entertainment Expo is one of the most high profile entertainment events of the year, bringing all the big gaming announcements to us in a lavish fashion every July. That said, it's not always awesome gameplay demos and good speeches.

It's not even always about games in the case of Microsoft's misguided decision to bring Usher on stage, but more on that fiasco later. Indeed, sometimes E3 just gets weird, and we thought it would be worth bringing together some of the expos most amusing moments for your reading pleasure. Let's just hope we don't jinx it and wind up seeing any colossal fails at this year's show."

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CalamityCB2016d ago


justastranger102016d ago

Ridge Racerrrrrr. Or giant enemy crabs. Or how about 599 US dollars. Sony's 2006 E3 will always be known as one of the worst E3's ever. hehehe.

Foliage2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

It's a good thing that Microsoft has progressively trumped them in the "worst" department every year since then.

Ponchos, Faked Kinect Demos, Cirque De Solei, Usher, and now the "all-in-one" television console, which requires a cable box.


Let's not forget about the bottom of an avatars shoe.... BAM!

*Fake Applause* (thanks for providing the audible clip, Microsoft!)

kennyg37392016d ago

I don't know how Usher was #1 I didn't find anything wrong with it and not even an Usher fan.

PirateThom2016d ago

It was pretty much a summation of why celebrity guests add absolutely nothing to E3, like when Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were rolled out for The Beatles Rock Band.

It basically wastes time that could be spent showing the actual game.

Commandar_Shepard2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

The Sony E3 2006 conference is the stuff of legend:

"Huge financial investment: 599 US Dollars"
"Actual battles that actually took place, so here's this Giant Enemy Crab."
"Real time weapon change"

At least Kaz is a good sport about it. He says he enjoys being a meme. But my all time favorite E3 fail has to be Konami E3 2010:

"We will be using a mat and more, we will dance with absolutely no controllers."
"So if you just press the xxx and the yyy and the xxx and the yyy again, you will be sucked."
Silent Hill stare
"Greatest shooter ever" (shows video of anime girls)
Luchadore Fight
Drunk stage presenters

Goro2016d ago Show
lucaskeller12016d ago

"you ever wondered what the bottom of an avatars shoe looks like"

ermm no...

*we'll show you anyway*

"BAMM, thereee it is!!" *avatar has spasm on screen*

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