This Game's Starting Concept: What If John McClane Had Died?

Kotaku - In an E3 that is full of sequels and the same-old, same-old Murdered: Soul Suspect, may stand out as something that's actually new.

But one look at this game—the adventure of a ghostly detective who has one night to solve his own murder—probably wouldn't make you think of its even more unusual origins.

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Bathyj1934d ago

John Maclane can't die.

well he could, but it would be hard.

Omran1934d ago

Die Hard : Bruce Willis Rules

cemelc1934d ago

It would take at least two nukes to take down John Maclane there is just no way to kill the guy otherwise...such an awesome character

TopDudeMan1934d ago

Wow, this wasn't even on my radar, but this looks really good!

urwifeminder1934d ago

It may have raised the bar of the movie industry.

Tiqila1934d ago

the movie would have sucked