170° Opinion: Why We're Not Getting An Xbox One and Neither Should You's editor Gavin outlines why he's taken the drastic step of vowing the site won't cover the Xbox One from now on as a response to Microsoft's DRM and connectivity clarifications earlier this week.

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IanVanCheese2013d ago

At this point people are flogging the dust that used to be a dead horse

batbatz2013d ago

Its very important that the XBone experiment fails horribly, to protect consumers rights

SnakeCQC2013d ago

ms got away with charging for online so sadly they may get away with all this bs

RenegadeRocks2013d ago

Exactly ! I am hoping against hope, it fails, otherwise we 'll lose our games forever and every company will follow those policies.
I am hoping , but we all know MS will make sure it sells like hot cakes !People get carried away by slick marketing and forget they are losing their freedom a bit each day.

a08andan2013d ago

The biggest problem Microsoft is facing is the way they are touting TV through the XboxOne. Getting rights to shows and series etc is a very tedious business so I really doubt that this will be very successful outside of the US.

MWH2013d ago

it's a must because this can't be the future of gaming. as simple as that.

justastranger102012d ago

If you believe that than everyone should boycott PS4 because they also have DRM too.

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MrWonderful2013d ago

I called ADT the other day to check on home security pricing and they offered me the complete bundle with xbox one functioning as the nerve center of the entire thing! ;-)

FunAndGun2012d ago

Next-Gen particle effects?

Mikelarry2012d ago

it is because this is a very serious issue if this console is allowed to to gain any kind of success. i don't mind them flooding the internet with repeats until the message sinks home that this console will ruin the hobby we all love

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WolfOfDarkness2013d ago

Here in Asia All my friends plus Thousands of gamers will get Sony PS4 , Microsoft made it clear to all of us here in Asia , Xbox One require 24/7 connection to the Internet ! 90% of all Asian countries have a SLOW Internet connection , from 8 years ago We understood what is the meaning of the word " LAGGING " when we play ( xbox360 ) Online with people from USA and Other countries , that's why the sales of PS3 is high in Asia , Microsoft doesn't care about us and they didn't even try to install ONE god dame server to fix this issue it expected most of us in Asia will get PS4 .
Some people are Saying that the PS4 and the Xbox One are similar, is like saying that birds and planes are very similar , both can fly....

1) Xbox One: 8GB of DDR3 RAM (68GB/s bandwidth) at 2100 MHz
1) Ps4 : 8GB of GDDR5 RAM (176GB/s bandwidth) at 5500 Mhz
2) XboxOne : Graphics Core -12 compute units providing 1.2 teraflops
2) Ps4 : Graphics Core -18 compute units providing 1.8 teraflops

So as you can see,Playstation 4 has at least 50% more power.

I will walk naked in streets of Japan if Microsoft won Next generation Gaming with there Stupid. Xbox1 law .

nthstew2013d ago

anyway Ps4 for me day 1.........

Ashlen2013d ago

I think that MS is going to have a had time pawning this thing off outside the US. Half it's selling points only work for Americans and the other half no one wants.

shuuwai2013d ago

This how I see it, Blizzard, EA and Ubisoft dos this *beep* all the time.

Day 1, XBox feat. turn off. Cam, 24hr internet connection, simi-change the used game policy to make their gamers happy.

X1 is on the market for 3 months now, everyone buys lots digital games. X1's patch update comes up, 20 pages of reading, 98% of xbox user will click next -->Without Reading.<---

MS: All your base are belong to us.
Cartman: you got pwn! bit**!
Cartman: wtf, stupid mf! wtf is 80151011 error.
Cartman: hey mom get off the fking phone!

This happen to many Blizzard's game, Including Sony after they was hacked. Update are usually 90% policy changes. -_-;;

console meaning: Digital Lock content
note: 100kb key unlock, lol.

PC meaning: Downloadable content

Console world is changing are you sure you're on the right side?

Yes, I have xbox360, including xbox, all Sony console, including portable, all Sega console, including portable, Same with Nintendo except the Wii U. I'm still waiting for price drop on Wii or the new Zelda game.

justastranger102012d ago

People said the same thing about PS3 compared to 360. But the 360 beat the PS3 in graphics performance and number of games. Also beat the PS3 in sales.

FITgamer2012d ago

You can come out from under that rock now.

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urwifeminder2013d ago

Don't tell me what to buy i will get 2 consoles Nintendo Wii u and xboxone and have a blast pc will get most of my attention.

legionsoup2013d ago

Someone who roots for the underdog, ay?

from the beach2013d ago

Boycott it because I can't lend people games? Na.

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Hicken2013d ago

Way to miss the point entirely, intentionally.

I expect nothing less from you.

from the beach2013d ago

You going to start telling me how I should spend my money?

Run along.

HarryMasonHerpderp2013d ago

There are many more problems with Xbox One.
I'm sure you have heard about them already though.

from the beach2012d ago

I was referring to the one that might actually have some impact on me.

Hicken2012d ago

And are you the only person that matters in gaming? Are you, alone, enough to keep the industry going?

If you've got Bill Gates money, then your attitude is perfectly fine. But if you're just an average Joe like the rest of us, then it might do you some good to think about how your decision impacts everybody else who games. If it pushes people out of gaming, the industry suffers, and that will get to you, too.

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batbatz2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

It seems they will not be covering the XBone either, Im hearing the same from other video game websites, except Polygone of course because theyre owned by M$